Friday Round Up: Funagrette!

Chris Piers   March 20, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Funagrette!

Marvel released a tv spot for Avengers: Age of Ultron and it’s a lot more fun and exciting than the previous trailers, in my opinion. There’s no real spoilers, it just shows each major superhero and villain in the movie roll-call style. Best bits? Captain America throwing his motorcycle and Thor bashing Cap’s shield through robots. Worst bit? Maybe Quicksilver’s weird accent. Or maybe that’ll be fun. Okay, we have news about weird comics, bad food ideas, cool movies and toys and a lot more. Read on for Friday Round Up!



Kids don’t like to eat vegetables. It’s an immutable law of nature. So Chef Kidd created salad dressings designed to taste like fun things like pizza. They called it Funagrette. You know, like vinagrette but with more fun. The results, as documented by NPR, were less than appetizing.

greedo catfish

I don’t know where else to put this news so I’ll put it under “food” because people eat catfish. Well, some scientists discovered a new catfish. And because they were nerds, they named it the Greedo Catfish, after the Star Wars bounty hunter. They came up with it because the eyes look similar. Yum. Han Solo fried first.


Batgirl cover by Rafael Abuquerque

The biggest news in comics this week was controversy over a variant cover for Batgirl. Many found the above cover intimidating for a book that’s targeted at younger readers and has been generally light. The artist decided he agreed and recommended DC pull the cover and they did. The debate is over whether they needed to or not, but unfortunately, the argument got tainted pretty early on by a vocal minority yelling at women to shut up, not unlike Gamergate.

eve and the garden of eden comic book

Comics artist Rob Liefeld is best known for his 90s comics work creating tough guys with shoulder pads, ammo pouches on their legs and laser guns that look like vacuum cleaners. But apparently he’s become really religious. In addition to his upcoming comic book about the Covenant, he announced this week that he’ll be releasing another Bible-themed comic book called Eve and the Garden of Eden. He’ll do really loose pencils, with finished art by Patrick Blaine and Mike Capprotti, as seen above. Liefeld says: Even the most conservative estimates put Adam and Eve in the Garden at least 100 years. We don’t really believe they were laying around staring longingly at each other the entire time right?” Well, yeah, actually. Because until the serpent tempted them there was no such thing as evil, according to the Bible. So… no real conflict.

IDW TMNT page hints at a major character dying

No spoilers on this next one, but in the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, a major character is seemingly killed off. Now, there’s a chance that the character is just on death’s door and the final panels sort of throw us off but in issue #44, which came out this week, the character seemed pretty dead. If you want to read which character died, click here.


friday the 13th the series

Here’s a bit of a weird one. According to Friday the 13th producer/director/creator Sean Cunningham, there’s a new Friday the 13th tv show being developed. Now, there was a Friday the 13th tv show before but it actually didn’t have Jason Voorhees in it – it followed a team that tracked down cursed objects. Well, technically the new tv show isn’t about Jason either (did Friday the 13th Part V teach us nothing?) but it’s also not a totally different idea. It’s pretty meta. Basically, the tv show would be about a town that has a serial killer that supposedly inspired the Friday the 13th movies. So, sort of a more grounded in the real world version I guess? Supposedly the CW has expressed interest in the show, so I guess the violence wouldn’t be too extreme. It’s funny, but Jason Voorhees is actually what led me to discover the CW originally. Seven years ago, Supernatural was planning to do an episode where the Winchester brothers entered a dreamscape and they were set to go up against Jason Voorhees. The show got the rights and had the script ready only to learn at the last minute that the rights actually belonged to a different studio (the rights have been traded among many studios over the years). So Jason never showed up on the show but it still sounded interesting and I really fell in love with Supernatural. These days I also love Arrow and Flash. In a way, it’s thanks to Jason so if the CW gets Friday the 13th, I guess I’d have to at least try it.


star wars battlefront

According to the Star Wars Celebration website, EA Games will be a guest at the annual official convention. Many believe they will be debuting Star Wars: Battlefront, a highly anticipated game. Apparently this will be the first video game that is in the accepted canon of Star Wars moving forward (all previous Expanded Universe books, comics, games, etc. have been retroactively deemed out of canon after Disney bought Lucasfilm and began filming Star Wars VII).


At SXSW last week, a new trailer debuted for this cool indie sci-fi apocalypse movie, Turbo Kid. Even though it was made in the present, it looks like a movie from the 80s and is set in the “distant future of 1997.” It just looks cool.