Friday Round Up: Friday the 13th!

Chris Piers   November 13, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Friday the 13th!

I like to celebrate any Friday the 13th as a mini holiday dedicated to the horror movie franchise. Not that it’s that great. But it’s frequently entertaining. I like it. So this year I painted two Friday the 13th paintings. One of them I actually installed a clock kit in so that instead of hours, it points to Jason’s look in each of the 12 movies he’s thus far appeared in. I hear they’re going to reboot the story AGAIN next year. We’ll see. Do you have a favorite movie in the series?

Read on for news on comics, Star Wars, 80s cartoon movies, unlawful arrests of cosplayers and more!


In exactly one week, Netflix will release the full season of Jessica Jones. They released the above trailer this past week. Gotta say, it looks pretty fantastic. Lots of fighting, lots of Luke Cage, lots of drinking. Pretty serious stuff for a superhero show. And David Tennant sounds both creepy and charming. I think he’s likely to be the most disturbing villain in a Marvel movie or TV show yet.

winter soldier cosplayer arrested

London police overreacted last week, arresting a 29-year old who was cosplaying as Winter Soldier, likely attending the nearby Brighton Comic Con. A call to the police said they feared a terrorist attack and thought the guy was carrying a shotgun. Ultimately, the guy just had an airsoft hobby rifle. Too bad for the cosplayer, but then again, I’d rather have the police here in America take something like this seriously. In a lot of states here, he could literally be walking around with a real firearm and be just fine thanks to open carry laws. Not quite as safe.

jeffrey dean morgan cast as negan

AMC’s The Walking Dead cast the next big villain for the show, Negan. And it’s someone comics fans should know pretty well. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who previously played the Comedian in the Watchmen adaptation, was cast in the role according to The Hollywood Reporter. I won’t spoil anything about what the character does in case you’ve never read the comics, but he’s vicious, tough and pretty smart. Not as crazy as The Governor. Supposedly artist Charlie Adlard used Henry Rollins as his basis when he drew the character. So Morgan is a similar build and age. I think it could work really well.

I’ve always been a big fan of Conan O’Brien. His Late Night show was new when I was in college and I watched it pretty much every night. Not only was Conan a funny guy and eventually a really good interviewer but the team of writers he originally had were excellent. Two of them that I especially liked were Louis CK and Robert Smigel. Smigel created one character originally designed as a throwaway gag – Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. I still smile thinking about that first appearance while writing this! Anyway, one of his absolute best remotes was when he went to talk to Star Wars fans waiting in line to see Attack of the Clones. Well one of io9’s writers was actually there for it and he decided to talk about what it was like behind the scenes. It’s worth a read and certainly worth rewatching Triumph. The actual jokes are timeless.


Bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn posted to his Instagram account that he’s been hired to be in the upcoming live action He-Man movie. I tend to doubt he’s been cast as He-Man himself, although plenty of sites have reported or speculated that he has. I’m sure it’s more likely the guy will play, like, a royal guard on Eternia or Moss Man or something.

jem and the holograms movie

The Jem and the Holograms movie bombed so bad it cannot be overstated. Universal made the unprecedented decision to pull the movie from theaters after just two weeks. It only earned $1.37 million in its opening weekend across 2,500 screens. CinemaBlend has the details on how badly it performed. This was just not the Jem adaptation fans wanted. Sadly, the lesson the movie studios learned is probably not that people dislike bad adaptations. Instead, they’ll likely think that movies for girls are something the public doesn’t want. Sigh…

daniel fleetwood star wars fan

A bit of sad news. That fan who wanted to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens before he died – yeah, he passed away this week. So I guess it’s nice that the folks making the movie gave him that private screening and granted his last wish. It’s strange to think that some things that we’re fans of, like Star Wars, will probably keep getting made long after we’re gone. Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings got booed for his joke on Twitter this past week: “It can’t be a good sign that every fan who has seen the new ‘Star Wars’ movie died shortly thereafter.” I’d say it’s a decent joke, but there is such a thing as “too soon.”

margaret qualley for death note

Apparently there will be an American live action movie based off of the manga Death Note. I loved the live action Japanese movies based on that one. Margaret Qualley will star in the U.S. version. She’s best known for playing Jill Garvey on HBO’s The Leftovers. Death Note is about a high school student who finds a supernatural notebook that allows you to kill anyone if you write their name in it. It builds into a cat and mouse game between the genius student and a police detective determined to find the cause of the deaths.


lego ghostbusters firehouse

Lego already announced that they’ll make the Ghostbusters firehouse headquarters and release it in January. But now they’ve released images of the set, including the interior. It’s very movie accurate (scaled to minifig size) with their firepole, containment unit, Janine’s desk and the garage, bedrooms, labs, pool table (and toaster from Ghostbusters 2) and more. Not only will it have all four Ghostbusters, but also Janine, Louis and Dana (in Keymaster and Gatekeeper forms) and five ghosts (including Slimer, librarian and cab driver). At 4,634 pieces the set’s rumored price of $350 is actually really fantastic for a Lego set. Start saving now.

gi joe loyal subjects

Loyal Subjects are the guys who make Vinyl figures that AREN’T Funko Pop. They make some fun stuff. Apparently they make G.I. Joe 3-inch figures. I totally missed series 1 but series 2 just came out. You can order them here or probably find them in places like a comic shop.

pawn stars toy expert johnny jimenz jr arrested

If you’ve ever watched the reality show Pawn Stars, their toy expert is a guy named Johnny Jimmenz, Jr. Well, he’s been arrested for allegedly knocking his girlfriend to the ground. Police say they were called to a disturbance and found his girlfriend on the ground and she wasn’t talking. They looked at some restaurant security footage that shows Johnny yank her purse and it makes her fall down, so they’re charging him with assault. He argues that she was intoxicated and he was trying to get her to eat and sober up and admits he yanked her purse but didn’t mean for her to fall down. Kinda weird that he’d then walk away, though. He claims the security footage will prove that he was just trying to help her.


I’m always wary about mentioning Kickstarters because crowdfunding is always a touchy issue. But it’s ultimately up to the individual on whether they want to support something and think it’s a good value. Well, Joel Hodgson created Mystery Science Theater 3000 and even though it ended its television run back in 1999, only now was Hodgson able to get the full rights to it back. So he’s taken to Kickstarter to fund some new episodes. It seems likely that he’ll hit his minimum goal of $2 million soon and for every $1.1 million above that goal, they’ll make 3 more episodes. I’m not clear if it will be something you can pay to see if you don’t support the Kickstarter. Anyone know anything about that? I’d also love to know what movies they plan on covering before I support it, but there’s lots of people that love MST3K no matter what movies they cover. If that’s you, here’s their Kickstarter page.