Friday Round Up: Free Twinkies

Vincent   April 26, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Free Twinkies


Convention Stuff

c2e2:c2e2 2013 is happening this weekend. Expect lots of pictures when I get back. If you happen to be there, let me know! I’ll be checking my Twitter often in the hopes of meeting some of you. I have three boxes of Twinkies that have been in storage and I’m bringing them along. If you see me and I still have some I’ll give you one. How will you recognize me? Well, I plan on wearing this for a few hours on Saturday, with some extra stuff I’ve added to the costume:


Otherwise, Tweet at me so we can meet up.

Video Game Stuff

G.I. Joe Video Game: Inspired by the post I wrote about the history of G.I. Joe games, my buddy Jerry wrote up his dream scenario for a G.I. Joe video game. Check it out!

The Next XBox: There’s going to be an unveiling of the next Xbox on May 21st. Meh

Movie Stuff


Weird Science Remake: Nerds were losing their shit in anger over the announcement that there was going to be a Weird Science remake. Look, the original Weird Science isn’t some holy grail that can’t be touched. It’s a dumb teen comedy that (while being hilarious) is incredibly dated. Besides, it was already remade into a TV series in the 1990s. It’s not like it’s untouchable. Will the new movie suck? Probably, but deal with it.

Speaking of the 1990s Television Weird Science, I really should write a post about it. Basically it would be me crushing on Vanessa Angel and lamenting that her career never really got off the ground.

Comic Stuff

Batgirl Cosplay: Want some amazing Batgirl cosplay? Look no further.

Toy Stuff

Strip Clubs: Ever wonder what proper strip club etiquette is? Well Recondo from G.I. Joe is willing to help you out!