Friday Round Up: FALL into the Fun!

Wow. We were told there wouldn’t be any more Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers but they weren’t talking about international trailers. The above one for Japan just came out and it has a lot of new dialog and footage. Looks amazing.

Kind of a short week but we have some more Star Wars stuff and some Halo, Harry Potter, Quentin Tarantino news. Oh, and a new Star Trek TV show.


Tom Holland has been praciticing his flips and working out to be ready for his role as Spider-Man. Honestly, pretty impressive stuff.

I’ve enjoyed every Quentin Tarantino movie. Hateful 8 seems like it will be no exception. A tense Western featuring a buncha weirdos trapped in a room. Looks good!


star trek future

CBS announced there will be a new Star Trek TV show in 2017! Great. I think Star Trek is perfectly suited to the TV format. I miss being in that universe. No word on what era it will be set yet. Where would you want it set? Next Gen time period? Far future? On a research vessel? A medical ship? There’s a lot of ways to go. Oh, but for the record, they’re planning on only showing the first episode on CBS and the rest will be on their upcoming streaming platform, CBS All-Access. Whatever. If that’s the case, I’ll probably get it for Star Trek, which is 100% their plan.


halo helmet by Triforce

The new Halo 5 game broke a bunch of records. Released last week it earned a gajillion dollars. I don’t have an XBox One. My friend Jeff does and he says he really likes the game. Not very scientific, I know. I decided I’d like to get one but only if I can earn extra money on the side to pay for it. So I painted two original Friday the 13th paintings that I’ll have for sale at a Seattle gallery next friday (the 13th). Wish me luck?

By the way, if you’re a big enough fan, you can now pre-order one of two Halo 5 helmets here for the low, low price of $650.


wizarding world of harry potter tour

The Orlando Studios in Hollywood, California now has a large portion of its theme park devoted to a recreation of the world of Harry Potter. And now you can take a virtual tour of the streets of Hogsmeade, basically a secret part of London where Wizards can go shopping or eat at cuckoo pubs. It’s pretty fun. I’d like to visit it.


star wars collection

A man in Vancouver, WA returned from a business trip to find most of his Star Wars collection stolen. Long story short, a friend that he’d let crash on his couch sold it to pay off a debt. He’s been caught. The owner is in the process of getting most of his collection back from collectible stores that it was sold to. The lesson is to never show any kindness or you’ll lose your stuff.


Slave Leia Costume

Finally, Disney is apparently about to stop making any merchandise with Leia in her “slave Leia bikini” from Return of the Jedi. I have no idea why. It’s not offensive. Prudes.

  • Skewed_View

    I’m hoping Hateful Eight will be more of a western than Django Unchained ended up being.