Friday Round Up: Fall Guys, A Hawt Ghostbuster, and Ranting!


Pop Culture Stuff

Fall Guy: I was really little when the TV series The Fall Guy came out, so I don’t remember much from it except that I loved his bad ass pick up truck. William West did a post about rebooting the The Fall Guy and I really dig his ideas, especially his choice for who would play the titular Fall Guy.

Geek Stuff! One podcast that I’ve admired and listened to for a long time is Big Kev’s Geek Stuff. The show has been on XM at different periods, so it was really cool for me when I got to know OG on the show on Twitter. Well this week’s episode they mention this very blog. If you like this blog, check out Big Kev’s Geek Stuff!

Pro Tip: They have a ridiculously long intro. Skip ahead 3 minutes to get to the actual show.

Penny Arcade’s Podcast: The web comic Penny Arcade recently started a Kickstarter to get their podcast back on track. They set a goal of only 10 bucks (which means they get to keep everything after they meet that goal) and they raised over 40,000 bucks. This is fucking ridiculous. This post here explains exactly why I think this.

Comic Book Stuff

Marvel’s Infinity: Here’s a great review of one of my picks for this last Free Comic Book Day that was a really terrible pick for a free comic meant to lure new readers in. The review also covers the Star Wars comic that I picked up that was a hundred times better.


ROM Spaceknight: I now have every single issue of ROM: Spaceknight except #73. I decided to start reading it from start to finish and will hopefully get issue 73 before I reach that point. So far ROM is pretty good, but not great yet. I know it’s coming, but in the meantime I’m enjoying some pretty cool vintage comics. Ahhh all that hard work collecting the series is finally paying off.

Toy Stuff


Mattel’s Surprise Hordak: In a strange move Matty Collector sold a variant Masters of the Universe Classics Hordak figure for maybe 40 minutes and it was unannounced. If you happened to be on their site at the time, you go it.

While I think this is kind of cool, many He-Man fans were not happy. I’ve said it before and I say it again, He-Man toy collectors come across as the crabbiest fans on the internet. Mattel cannot please fans of He-Man. There’s just no doing it.

Also, this is a fantastic idea to get your page views up. Having hundreds of super nerds hitting refresh on their browsers all day hoping to get a figure. Genius!


Diamond Select Does Star Trek: Diamond Select is making Star Trek Figures again. I meant to write about them in their own post, but ran out of time. They’re really awesome though. I wish they had a few more points of articulation, but it’s so cool that you can recreate the infamous Kirk vs. Khan scene from the original series.

Movie Stuff


Ghostbusters: There’s something strange, in my pants! The above Ghostbusters lady is hawt. If you want to see more attractive lady Ghostbusters, they have a Facebook page.