Friday Round Up: Evil Art, Robocop, Dukes of Hazard, And Twin Peaks Stuff!


Toy Stuff

Toy Art Prints: An artist I know by Monster Fink on Twitter has some really amazing toy inspired art. You can currently purchase prints of these cool works at his Etsy store. Hopefully he keeps them available for purchase for awhile (he’s a bit temperamental), because I’d def like one or two of them when I get some more cash in my virtual pockets. The above Evil Horde work is from him. I also really like this one from Inhumaniods:



Robocop: Snarktrooper, a fellow pop culture blogger, recently wrote “Hot Toys ED-209 > Neca ED-209” I don’t really understand how this is a valid comparison. Sure they are the same character, but they’re made at two vastly different price points. One is compatible with 12 inch figures, the other is for 7. NECA’s is made for mass retail while Hot Toys are for people looking to spend a LOT of money on a super high quality toy. Of course the ultra expensive toy is going to be “better.”

Me and Chris Piers had an exchange about this that I thought I’d share:

Chris: You need to get rich

Vincent: Yeah I do.

Chris: then you could afford good figures from Hot Toys not that NECA stuff that hobos buy

Vincent:  If I was rich, I’d buy them both, because the NECA one is in scale with the NECA Robocop. Then I’d have the Hot Toys one that was in scale with the Hot Toys Robocop. And then my girlfriend would ask, “Why do you need all these Robocops?”

I’d backhand her and say, “NEVER QUESTION ME AGAIN!”

Chris:  I bet you would. You’ll learn one day, but will it be too late?

Admrial Ackbar: This Admiral Ackbar bust is weird. That is all.

Movie Stuff

Cabin in the Woods: Well I finally got around to watching Cabin in the Woods and I’ll keep this short and spoiler free. I liked it. The main problem I had was that I dislike slasher films so much so when the movie is in “normal” slasher movie mode I was bored out of my mind. I just wanted to get back to the “other” stuff. Sorry to be vague. And while I liked it, I think I can only ever watch Cabin in the Woods again if I simply watched the beginning and then skipped right to the end again.

I do have to say that this is a really rare movie where you are left wanting the heroes to win at the same time you want them to fail.

TV Stuff

Twin Peaks: Twin Peaks is one of my favorite shows of all time. It tragically had a horribly uneaven second season before cancellation and a film that was rather ho hum (and we haven’t ever gotten the tons and tons of deleted scenes showing the rest of the townspeople we all know and love). One bright point in all of this was the re(?)discovery of Japanese coffee ads that were filmed concurrently with the series. The commercials even have a story arc!


Dukes of Hazzard: William West takes a look at the motivations behind the characters in Dukes of Hazard. It’s great reading!

Comic Convention Stuff

Saddest Booth: Want to see the saddest booth at Philadelphia Wizard World? Of course you do!

Personal Stuff

Vacation!: I’m currently on vacation for a week, but I’m going to try to keep the site updated. I will be taking a mini road trip to DC to hang out with Chris Piers for a couple of days. Other than that it’s just preparing for the move to my girlfriend’s place!

Moving!: I’ve been working on priming the room for paint that is going to be the future location of my awesome office / toy room. The hardest part about moving so far is finding a place to put my boxes. My girl has more things than anyone I’ve ever known, including me!

My Car: I try not to bore you with too many details about my other hobby, messing around with my car, since nobody gives a rat’s ass, but I have been working on vectorizing an image of it just for fun. Here’s an in progress pic. I think it’s turning out pretty well.

Vectorized Mustang

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Bath Fitter must go to EVERY convention known to man in PA. They were at a kid oriented convention we took our son to. The stand was next to a pediatrican’s stand.

    I want the Lunatacks one, Monster Fink did. And the Skeletor one. Asked him about doing a 70s – 80s anime villian pic but he said he was done with them.

    The Car looks AWESOME!

  • NECA’s stuff is excellent. I love their current crop of Robocop figures and I have no doubt ED-209 will be great. I did pre-order Hot Toys Robo. I’m looking forward to getting him, but I couldn’t justify their ED-209. I can swing the money, but looking at my den/office, I just keep ssking, where the hell would I put it???

    Oh, and Magnitude Ackbar is pure money. I’m not buying it, but I think it’s glorious.

  • clark

    NECA is one of my favorite toy companies right now. To get figures with a high level of sculpt, paint, and articulation; for the prices NECA puts them out there (cheaper than Mattel 6″ figures have been for years) is fantastic.
    I do not own anything Hot Toys, and it’s not necessarily because I can’t afford their stuff, it’s because I can’t justify spending that kind of money on what is still a toy.
    I don’t begrudge anyone who collects Hot Toys, and I’m glad there are super high-end stuff out there, but it’s a waste of time to compare Hot Toys to NECA. I will always take a very well detailed and articulated $30-40 ED-209 that is hefty but can fit on my desk or bookshelf over a $400+ ED-209 that is also well detailed and articulated, but too large to display anywhere.

  • Thanks for the feedback, dudes!

    Space is a big issue for Hot Toys. If cash and space wasn’t a problem i’d get the Hot Toys version. And like I said I’d still get the NECA one. And I’d display them with the Kenner version. heh