Friday Round Up: Dr. Strange Casting, Oculus Moves Forward, Star Wars Stuff and More

Chris Piers   June 12, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Dr. Strange Casting, Oculus Moves Forward, Star Wars Stuff and More

Wow, this movie snuck up on me. It’s called The Martian and it’s about an astronaut, played by Matt Damon, left behind on Mars during an emergency. He then has to plan on how to survive at least four years before he can expect help from NASA. Looks like a pretty cool hard sci-fi take on a story like Cast Away. I’m excited for this one now. We have some more news about Ghostbusters, Dr. Strange, Star Wars, the Oculus Rift, and a game that’ll include both He-Man AND G.I. Joe!


Chiwetel Ejiofor

According to Deadline, the Dr. Strange movie has cast his adversary for the film. Chiwetel Ejiofor will play Baron Mordo. With Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton as mentor The Ancient One and Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange himself, this movie sure is British. Will they cast a Brit as Dr. Strange’s assistant, Wong? Does Baron Mordo in any way preclude the potentially bigger enemy Dormammu? In the comics, Mordo trained alongside Strange under the Ancient One but when he was passed over for Sorcerer Supreme, he kinda revealed that he was a diiiiick. I really like this choice. Ejiofor can play a badass, like in Redbelt, or a jerk, like in Children of Men.

chris hemsworth

Paul Feig, who is directing the upcoming remake of Ghostbusters with an all-female lead cast, announced who will play the Ghostbusters’ receptionist. Thor star Chris Hemsworth. Okay, that’s a pretty funny idea. Why wouldn’t these ladies hire a beefcake like that if he applied?

alexa 65 camera

This will probably only be interesting to cinematographers but the next Star Wars movie, Rogue One, will be filmed with Arri’s Alexa 65, a large-format, 6K resolution model of Arri’s popular Alexa camera. It’s really, really hi-res, you guys. Mission: Impossible 5 used it for a few scenes but that’s about it so far. It’s newwww.

Above is a new Ant-Man trailer. Most of the footage is what we’ve seen in the previous trailers. The one thing that stands out about their latest TV ads is that they’re playing up the humor. I like the Avengers gag.

common as tattooed man

In DC news, this set photo from Suicide Squad seems to indicate who Common will play. With those tattoos, he’s most likely playing Tattooed Man. Tattooed Man is a former Marine and current mercenary who can make his tattoos come to life. He claims they are made from the sins of those he’s killed.


daredevil season 2 logo

I think the coolest TV news of the week had to be Marvel announcing Jon Bernthal as The Punisher for season 2 of Daredevil.


oculus rift

Facebook’s upcoming virtual reality system, the Oculus Rift, has teamed up with Microsoft. The system will use the same controller Microsoft created for their XBox One. I think that’s a pretty strong move. According to Facebook, the console is still set to launch in the first quarter of 2016.

Here’s a strange video I had to share with you. It’s a South Korean ad to promote Hyundai cars but it uses the Justice League of America. It’s kind of like if a JLA movie was made by Michael Bay. Low angle shots of people in terror! Heroes smashing everything in sight! Heroes… turning into the cars? And… driving away while the city is destroyed? Huh…

Toy Soldiers: War Chest is an upcoming tower defense strategy game in the popular Toy Soldiers series by Signal Studios. But this one will add something new. In the past, the toys have been generic, based on past wars or sci-fi ideas. In War Chest, out this year on PC, XBox One and PS4, it will add four licensed toys from the 80s. In the promo video above, they reveal two of them: Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe. Color me interested.

mcdonalds nanoblocks

McDonalds in Hong Kong has teamed with Nanoblocks to make sets based on their food. It’s not for sale here in the States. I’m going to Hong Kong in November. Maybe I’ll get some if they’re still out. It’s probably the safest thing to eat in McDonalds.

halo blasters

San Diego Comic Con is nearly here. Mattel has the above Halo licensed blasters which are basically Nerf guns that look like Halo.

kreo class of 85

Hasbro has a pretty rad exclusive at the Con as well. “Class of ’85” sets of Autobots and Decepticons as Kre-o men.


christopher lee eats in frankenstein makeup

It really sucks that Christopher Lee passed away but he accomplished more in his time on this planet than the next four men added together.

Another icon, from pro wrestling this time, also passed away this week. Dusty “The American Dream” Rhodes died at age 69. If I were a jerk, I’d say that makes him the oldest man in pro wrestling ever, since they all seem to die young. But I’m not a jerk so I won’t say that. Instead, I’ll leave you with this badass promo he cut on Ric Flair back in 1985.


Back to the Future Theme Week

Speaking of 1985, next week is a THEME WEEK for us. We’re just three weeks from when Back to the Future was first released 30 years ago so it seemed the perfect time to slightly be ahead of the pack. We have articles about the movie’s history, its impact, its paradoxes, its merchandise, spinoffs and more.