Friday Round Up: Disney Makes All The Monies

Chris Piers   April 17, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Disney Makes All The Monies

Look, Disney clearly had a power weekend with their Star Wars trailer and all the Marvel movies and TV shows. But for my money, the most visually interesting trailer was the above “legacy” trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. I really hope it’s good. Visually, it looks amazing. Anyway, read on for a few tidbits about Star Wars, Archie (yes, Archie), DC comics stuff, G.I. Joe, viral videos, and more.


Kylo Ren and the First Order

Star Wars VII had a pretty big “teaser” trailer released yesterday. We did a shot by shot breakdown that you can read here. Also revealed at the Star Wars Celebration convention currently going on was the above poster. It shows the bad guys including the chrome Stormtrooper known as Captain Phasma and the Sith guy known as Kylo Ren. The overall consensus seems to be that Kylo Ren’s look is not iconic enough compared to Vader and Maul. It’s actually derivative of the character Darth Revan from the fantastic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game. You can also see the banner behind them. Apparently the Empire is now known as The First Order. And the Rebel Alliance is now called The Resistance.

With Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens coming out this year, I think Disney is going to do just fine. Which do you think will be bigger?

There was also a new trailer for Terminator: Genisys. I am very conflicted because it showed that there’s a big new idea but showing that gives away a massive twist. It will probably be hard to avoid but I won’t type up what it is. Just know that if you watch the above trailer it has SPOILERS about a twist. Honestly, I adore T2, Terminator and Sarah Connor Chronicles. Fantastic stuff. But I was not blown away by Terminator 3 and kinda hated Terminator: Salvation. I think this new movie is similar to the last two. It’s an action movie but it doesn’t really even try to be about something deeper. There’s no character arc that compares to what Sarah Connor went through in the first two films or an idea as powerful as “No Fate But What We Make.”

In 1980, Brad Bird (who would go on to write and direct movies like The Incredibles, Iron Giant and Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol) worked with producer Gary Kurtz (Star Wars) and some Cal Arts students to do a pencil test animation for a proposed animated movie based on Will Eisner’s The Spirit. The footage was recently found. It’s pretty amazing, especially for 1980.

Other movie stuff you might want to read about:


DD promo poster

I think the show that got most discussed on social media this past week had to be Netflix’s Daredevil show. I won’t discuss the plot here, but we have a review of the first episode here by our own Rev. Ron. I watched it all within 3 days. I just had to keep watching because it was SO good. It is a huge step above your average TV show. It has a unique visual style, deep characters, and mind-blowing fight scenes. Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk is easily the most well-rounded and fascinating Marvel villain this side of Loki. While I’m looking forward to the rest of the Marvel Netflix shows like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, mostly I just want to hear an announcement for a season two of Daredevil next year! I also wrote about all the references to other Marvel movies or comics here.

Speaking of those shows, the next one will be Jessica Jones and Luke Cage is a big part of her life. A set photo came out this week showing actors Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter. I actually really like Jessica Jones. She gets super powers but just isn’t great at using them. Not in a comedic way, she just isn’t necessarily cut out to be a superhero. In the comics she gets mind controlled by Purple Man (played by David Tennant who you can also see above but pre-purple powers apparently) but the Avengers don’t know that and they beat her into a coma! When she gets out she gives up trying to be a superhero and instead becomes a private investigator. She tends to take cases that involve others with superpowers but she’s the ultimate reluctant hero.

black canary arrow arsenal

Arrow‘s third season doesn’t compare to the heights of its second and Daredevil upped the ante for grittiness and fight scenes but I still think it’s a very good show with occassional standout episodes. Certainly the latest was no exception, featuring one regular cast member departing and one dying but done in such a way that it faked me out a bunch. We don’t have time to review each episode, but it’s really good and worth checking out. That said, if you only had time for one superhero show during the week, its spinoff show Flash is the superior show this season.

game of thrones dragons

Game of Thrones season five premiered this week on HBO. Great show. Unfortunately, its thunder was somewhat diminished by the first 4 episodes (from a 10 episode season) being leaked online the day before the premier. No word on who could have done it. Could just be a regular hack I suppose. Personally, I wonder if anyone from Scientology would be mad enough to try to hurt HBO after their damning documentary Going Clear that just came out? No way to know. No one’s taking responsibility. Despite the leak, the show actually posted its biggest ratings yet, with 8 million viewers!


Mattel's Quirky page

Mattel launched a new site called Quirky where fans can submit new ideas for toys for their brands in Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Mega Bloks and more. It seems to work similar to Lego’s popular Ideas page, where fans can invent an idea, then vote on the best ones and then Mattel will review the top voted ideas to see whether there’s a case to be made for producing the idea.

gi joe cosplay 2015

Hasbro hosted the official G.I. Joe Convention 2015 this past week in Springfield, Illinois (Cobra controls a town called Springfield in G.I. Joe stories). Not much news for the toys came out but the official site does have a pretty great Cosplay photo page.


gi joe #1 by herb trimpe

Sadly, on April 13th comic book artist Herb Trimpe passed away at age 75. He may not have the name recognition that some superstars do but he was a fantastic artist who worked from the 60s up to today. He was best known for his lengthy run on Incredible Hulk in which he drew Wolverine for the character’s first appearance ever. But he also did a number of other fantastic titles including the first issue of G.I. Joe. Beyond being a great artist, Trimpe was a really, really nice guy according to all accounts from conventions and co-workers. He was active in his Episcopal church and was ordained a deacon in 2000. In 2002, he won the  “The Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award for his work as a chaplain at Ground Zero following the 9/11 attacks. He also wrote a fascinating piece for the NY Times about what it’s like as a professional artist to lose your full-time job later in life. Worth a read.



archie vs sharknado

Is there anything Archie WON’T fight? Right now you can pick up Archie vs. Predator. But coming soon, there will be Archie vs. Sharknado. This guy used to just have to worry about where to take a girl on a date or get his homework done. Now he seems to be fighting for his life all the time.


There were at least three really weird videos that went viral this week. The first is this 1991 corporate promo for Sizzler where they brag endlessly about all their choices (which boils down to either grill or buffet, really) and some psychotically happy people (almost exclusively white people). The girl licking her lips at 2:14 is a personal favorite.

Another strange one, but intentionally so, is David Hasselhoff’s new music video for his song True Survivor. It’s intentionally 80s for the crowdfunded 80s-inspired action movie Kung Fury. You can see the trailer for Kung Fury here. It’s pretty unique.

Finally, everyone realized that there’s a late night Japanese TV show where there’s this… game. Basically, contestants have to perfectly sing a karaoke song while getting a handjob. That’s as much as I know, so I have nothing else to say about it. It looks difficult.


Robot's Pajamas site traffic blows up

We had a massive weekend in site traffic. I don’t want to share hard numbers but we are very happy with our average daily traffic. It’s pretty high and diverse and it’s great. That said, over the weekend our Star Trek Problems strip got mentioned on Neatorama and Geeks Are Sexy. It then got picked up by aggregators like Digg and Feedly and got us a LOT of new readers and some followers on our Facebook page. It was really nice to get that kind of recognition.