Friday Round Up: Deadpool’s Success Means All Superhero Movies to Now Be Rated R

A town in Switzerland had a parade float last week, including one with a tiny roller coaster. I love roller coasters, but this one looks like it’s designed to break your neck. Read on for news about Fox making R-rated X-Men movies, the best stuff from Toy Fair 2016 and a sweet music video featuring the New Mutants.


wolverine loses it

Deadpool had astounding domestic box office. Around $135 million off of a very modest $58 million budget. So it’s no surprise to hear that Fox is moving fast on a sequel. But they may have also taken the wrong lesons from this success. Fans like the character. They also like a movie that’s efficient and a little different. Instead, Fox is interested in making more R-rated X-Men movies. They’re suggesting Wolverine 3, based on the Old Man Logan comic, could be R. That could probably work. But then they’re also suggesting X-Force be R. That seems like a bridge too far. Writer/director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) went on a really well-thought out rant on his Facebook page about what lessons should have been learned but won’t be. Also, Avatar actor Stephen Lang wants to be Cable in the Deadpool sequel according to his Twitter post showing off his arms.

bumblebee camaro

Paramount announced that the summer 2018 slot that was originally being held for Transformers 6 will now be a solo Bumblebee movie. On a smaller budget. Considering the budgets for the Transformers movies are already massive and we get maybe 15 minutes of robot action in each one (not a joke), a lower budget does not bode well. Also, the movie version of Bumblebee is mute and kind of annoying. I know I’m biased because I grew up with the toys and cartoon in the 80s, but I really wish they’d reboot with a visual look and characterization closer to their original ideas.


According to Pixel Dan, the main villain of Ghostbusters will be a version of the iconic logo. I’m not sure I believe that. Maybe it’ll somehow be in it, maybe even in a Mr. Stay Puft-esque role. But I doubt it’s the main villain.


Above is the first full trailer for season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix. There will be another trailer next week. This one focuses on Punisher.


SyFy announced its cast for a Van Helsing tv show. It’s pretty bonkers. Kelly Overton who played a small role on True Blood will play… Vanessa Helsing, the daughter of the famous vampire killer. The show will give her sidekicks in the form of a tough Marine and two survivors of the “vampire Rising.”

Josh Hutcherson

Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg are making a TV show called Future Man on Hulu. It’s basically the movie The Last Starfighter. Actor Josh Hutcherson will play Josh Futterman, a janitor/pro gamer who finds himself thrust into a life of heroism when time travelers from the future tell him that his gaming skills have turned him into the perfect warrior to prevent an imminent invasion of Earth by evil aliens.


Some fans made a pretty much perfect New Mutants music video where the classic 80s team goes to see Lila Cheney perform (with Dazzler as backup). While not all of the acting is perfect, it’s got the characters’ look and personality down perfectly.


back to the future funko playmobil

Funko has obtained a license to create pop culture figures using the classic Playmobil figure look. They’ll have Back to the Future, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doctor Who, Supernatural and pretty much any licensed property you can imagine.

hasbro star wars female figures

Speaking of new toys, here’s a pretty cool round up of some of the best toys from New York Toy Fair 2016.

  • Big Jim

    James Gunn is absolutely right. And it goes both ways. There were those who blamed the failure of FANT4STIC on “superhero fatigue” instead of the myriad of actual reasons it flopped.

    That music video makes me long for a NEW MUTANTS movie (or better, TV series). It really would be the perfect fit on The CW (a mix of The Flash and The 100). Maybe Fox can do it on FX