Friday Round Up: Cracking Open 2015

Vincent   January 2, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Cracking Open 2015

Happy New Year’s everyone! Yeah, it’s day 2 of 2015, but give me a break. Hope you all had an okay year. It was pretty rough for a lot of people. For the site it was pretty decent. We’re got a lot of new Facebook fans and we’re always putting up fun stuff on the Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page, so give it a like if you haven’t!

For 2015 the Robot’s Pajamas team is re-dedicating ourselves towards providing you with some great entertainment in the upcoming year. There will be the return of Voyager Torture, more Snack Reports, and hopefully more Friday Round Ups. Strap on your fun pants, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Art Stuff


Ghostbusters Art: Our Pal Chuck Knigge did a series of fantastic drawings in December. There’s a few on his website and Facebook page and one of my favorites is his slimer eating Stay Puft’s dead body. Ghostbusters News picked it up and I’m sure it got lots of views. Hopefully it will go virals. I said he should make it a print and he said he might just do that.


Movie Stuff


3D Blu-rays: I got Live, Die, Repeat aka Edge of Tomorrow and the old 1950s sci-fi film The Bubble in 3D Blu-Ray. These basically were from you, the reader, if you’ve used the Amazon link in the past. Thanks a lot, folks! I’ll be reviewing them, so it’s kinda going right back into the site.

Speaking of 3D reviews, I don’t think they’re the most popular feature on this site, but oh well. I’m still trying to keep the 3D blu-ray thing alive. I have to do whatever I can and if it means watching movies and talking about them… I’ll do just that!


Video Game Stuff


Fallout 3: Fun story: in 2009 I played a ton of Fallout 3. I never bought it, I just borrowed my roomate’s copy. I never finished it, but I kept all my old save files, even transferring them from a dying PS3 to my current one. I finally got a copy of my own and decided to finish the main quest! In about 30 minutes I finished. I didn’t realize I had been that close to the end.

Regardless, I got the Game of the Year edition, so I have the expansion packs to play through. I did Operation: Anchorage, which sucked. I then went through Mothership Zeta, which I ended up liking a lot despite being repetitive. The atmosphere really sold it for me. I wish I knew what those aliens overall plan was. Time to hit the Wiki!



The game doesn’t look like this at all.

Aliens Colonial Marines: I found a copy of Aliens: Colonial Marines on Black Friday for five bucks. It was the perfect entry price for a brand new game, because despite the horrible reviews I was willing to give it a shot. The bar for Aliens games is set impossibly low for me. Basically I only need a little bit of running around shooting a pulse rifle and I’m happy. I’ve played a little over an hour’s worth of the game and it’s not as bad as I thought it might be. This is more than likely due to the fact that my bar is set really low and I’m not used to modern gaming. You see, even if the graphics suck I’m still impressed with graphics from around 2008. While the game does have plenty of flaws, it’s given me my five bucks worth of enjoyment. I’ve played far worse.


TV Stuff


American Family Guy: I started going through American Dad on Netlfix again and while the early episodes are still pretty solid, I can’t wait to get to the later seasons. It just gets so good and fun. Speaking of, I also started watching Family Guy season 10, because I haven’t watched anything past 9. At first I was a little iffy, but there are some really solid episodes. You just have to get past the often horrific over use of cut aways. And American Dad is still the much better show.


Toy Stuff


DC Direct Animated Series Batman: DC Direct has put out a really cool line of figures that are inspired by the art from Batman: The Animated Series. The downside is there are numerous reports of the things breaking. I gave my girlfriend unit a Batman for Christmas and I warned her before she opened him that he might break. So far, no breakage! Hopefully he’ll continue to hold up okay.



Canceled Robocop Toys: I love Robocop and I love the Robocop toys from the 80s as I’ve documented on this here blog. Double Dumbass posted a neat article about some unproduced Robocop toys. Be sure to check it out!