Friday Round Up: Cosplay, Rocky, Trapper Keepers, and More

Cosplay Stuff


Heroes of Cosplay: I’ve never been tempted to watch the show Heroes of Cosplay for a few reasons. One is I don’t like to know who a lot of cosplayers are. I don’t really care. I like to either think a costume or person is cool, hot or whatever and then move on. The second reason is the show is a stupid reality show. There was some drama recently that makes for some entertaining reading. This will probably be the last time I talk about Heroes of Cosplay.


Zatanna: Speaking of cosplay, woah! Check out this Zatanna. You ever notice something? There’s really only one kind of person that gets super successful at cosplay and it’s mostly due to two huge reasons.

Movie Stuff

How Far did Rocky Run? Since I’m not from Philadelphia I never thought about how the running montage in Rocky II was completely unrealistic. Someone did their research and found out the astonishing answer to how far Rocky ran.

Table Top Game Stuff


X-Wing! Man, it’s been awhile since I bought anything for X-wing or much less played the game. It feels like ages ago when I was super into it. I blame lack of time. One new product that was announced caught my fancy, the Imperial Aces pack which is a pair of Imperial TIE Interceptors that are not only repaints, but they come with new pilots and abilities. I’m glad I only ever found one of the regular kind at retail! Now we just need some X-Wing repaints with new Rebel pilots!

Toy Stuff


Batman: Despite the fact that there’s still no Batman 1966 available on DVD or Blu-Ray, there’s lots of merchandise available now, including this new 1/6th scale Adam West Batman from Hot Toys. As you can see, they’re also making Robin too.

If you want to pre-order the 1966 Hot Toys Batman, then just click that link and go nuts, Richie Rich.

Pop Culture Stuff

Anakin Stuff: Chris wanted me to post this video of Darth Vader speaking Anakin’s lines from Phantom Menace. It’s kinda cute.

Trapper Keeper: From 1981 to the mid-1990s everyone had a Trapper Keeper. Mental Floss ran a surprisingly interesting history of the Trapper Keeper. (thanks to Poe Ghostal for the link)


Marvel’s Power Hour Double Dumbass did a brief retrospective of one of the greatest cartoon blocks in the history of cartoons, Marvel’s Action Universe!

Internet Stuff

Buzzfeed Sucks: I hate Buzzfeed with a passion. It’s the lowest form of content trolling around. Internet writer guys like me bust our asses to provide good content and a post like the laziest salmon (which is just pics of dead salmon) get thousands of hits. It’s lame. The other reason why I hate it is that many times the content is available from actual news sites or other sources that actually add value to the content. Well, I ran across this post listing 19 reasons why Buzzfeed Sucks. I agree with the whole thing except for the part about root beer floats. That’s like saying you can drink milk and eat ice cream, why would you need a milkshake?

Car Stuff

Removing Stripes: I don’t talk about cars much, but I like them. I have a 2007 Mustang (sorry it’s only a V6) that I’ve done a few changes too. Nothing big. Well, I’ve had some paint problems recently and my vinyl stripes went bad. Basically, I’ll be doing what the guy is doing in the above video this weekend. It’s probably the most manly thing I’m going to do all year. Sadly, I don’t have a rocking mullet or a bad ass skeleton guitar shirt.

  • Chris Piers

    I only watched about 20 minutes of one episode of Heroes of Cosplay but the star/host annoyed me. Her name is Yaya Han and she criticized her protégé for using too much cleavage in her costumes. I was like, “what do you think you’re doing?”

  • For reals? She’s constantly showing her tits.

  • Chris Piers


  • William Bruce West

    I’m actually really into Heroes of Cosplay, and I never thought I would be. I think I just love all the forced drama between the cosplayers. Like one is a real Cee U Next Tuesday, and makes her boyfriend make all her stuff. I’m just reveling in watching their relationship fall apart. But yeah, I kinda want someone to throw a shoe at Yaya

  • Dustin

    hey thanks for the buzzfeed article share, i appreciate it! (and I actually do enjoy a rootbeer float from time to time, but I liked the analogy :)

  • Dex

    I’ve watched all of Heroes and it’s hilarious how a few weeks ago Yaya basically said cosplay isn’t for overweight people and is a Serious Thing. On the last ep she said it should be fun and for everyone. What a load of BS!
    I don’t claim to know what the “cosplay world” is like but most of the people on this show are poor examples of human beings in general and shouldn’t even be on TV…which is, of course, why they are.
    I wouldn’t be shocked if the whole thing originated with Yaya since everything seems to be about her.

    I like that they include the bomb with Batman. They look frickin amazing and I’d certainly grab them if I was Scrooge McDuck swimming pool wealthy.

  • No problem. I also was the first person to Stumble that post too, so hopefully it catches on.