Friday Round Up: Bring on the Superhero Stuffs

Jupiter Ascending comes out this weekend so it’s sort of that super-early start to the sci-fi and superhero films that will trickle out until May explodes. Anyone thinking of seeing it? What Spring/Summer movies are you looking forward to? We actually have quite a bit of superhero-related news in our round up this week. Do you think there will be a saturation point for superhero films? I sort of think there isn’t because superhero in and of itself isn’t necessarily a genre. I think it will rise and fall on the overall quality. Let’s dig in and see what’s good, bad and crazy in the nerd news this week.


Marvel and Netflix released a teaser trailer for Daredevil which will debut April 10th. We broke down the trailer shot by shot this week to explain who Daredevil and his supporting cast is. No real spoilers there because we don’t know too much about what the story will be.

Brandon Routh as The Atom

On the CW’s show Arrow, Brandon Routh has been playing scientist and businessman Ray Palmer this season. He’s been working hard to create a suit that could help police. This week, the CW released the first image of the upcoming finished suit. Looks like they may have an Atom spinoff as a possibility.

Ricardo Medina, Jr. as the Red Power Ranger

Ricardo Medina, Jr. played the Red Power Ranger a few years back in the Power Rangers Wild Force season. And more recently, he pulled a Screech and stabbed a dude. Unfortunately, this went much worse and the guy he stabbed, his roommate, died. Currently, Medina has not been charged by police because it seems like it could have been self-defense in an argument that got out of hand. Still, it’s a strange story and it certainly puts a black cloud over the franchise.


Xamot and Tomax

News came out that G.I. Joe 3 is still moving forward and it intends to keep Dwayne Johnson/The Rock as the central lead figure, Roadblock. But the big news is about the new characters this movie will add as the villains: Tomax and Xamot, the Crimson Twins. They are twin brothers who are acrobats, leaders of Cobra’s legitimate business front, Extensive Enterprises, and lead their own division of Cobra troops: the Crimson Guard. We once did a G.I. Joe theme week where Vincent and I challenged one another to cast a future G.I. Joe film and we selected Chris Pratt to play the twins. That was before he was in everything.

In weirder news, supposedly the movie will also feature a new Joe, Matt Trakker. Trakker was actually from another toyline by Hasbro, M.A.S.K. Those toys were about soldiers who had masks that gave them powers like x-ray vision or heat blasts and they also drove vehicles that could transform into different vehicles: race car to speed boat or truck to helicopter, etc. If this is true, Hasbro and Paramount may be trying to establish a G.I. Joe spinoff franchise.


Lego and BBC announced they will release Doctor Who Lego sets by the end of the year. The concept came through the Lego Ideas site where anyone can submit a concept for a set and if 10,000 fans support it within a certain timeframe, Lego will review the idea and decide whether or not to proceed. It’s where the Ghostbusters and Back to the Future sets came from. Definitely worth checking out if you are a Lego fan (like me). Also coming out through the site will be a Wall-E set that was actually created by one of the Pixar animators who worked on the film. He created the model in Lego to help him realize the character in three dimensions. Love it.

Also in the world of Lego, this short trailer was released for June’s next Lego video game, Lego Jurassic World. There will be Lego sets based on this movie, too and it made me realize that Chris Pratt must be the first actor to have THREE characters that are available as Lego minifigs: Emmet from The Lego Movie, Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy and now Owen from the upcoming Jurassic World. What if he becomes Indiana Jones in the rumored reboot? That’d make four. We will never get Chris Pratt fatigue.

Divorcing couple divides up their beanie babies

Here’s a quick glimpse at one of the most pathetic divorce cases ever. A couple on the courtroom floor dividing up their Beanie Baby collection. You just know that as soon as those divorce papers were sealed, these two were drowning in sex.



Fan has extreme body modification to look like the Red Skull

The real world is so much more horrific than anything movies or comics can give us. Henry Damon is a 37-year old Venezuelan father and a fan of both comic books and body modification. He’s in the process of transforming his face to look more like Captain America villain Red Skull. This has included having most of his nose removed and his face tattooed red and black. Apparently it does not include shaving his beard because that truly is a a commitment that few are willing to follow through with, right? Does this look crazy to you? Don’t worry. According to Mr. Gonzalez, the “surgeon” doing this, Damon is sane and is a good husband and father. I really want to know what Mr. Damon does for work where he can look like this!


Superman uses his super flare

Superman got a new super power this past week. DC Comics announced that Superman discovered this new ability in a battle with new villain Ulysses, who absorbs energy (why not stick with Parasite?). Anyway, Superman can now, when he gets angry and as a last-ditch attack, explode into a solar flare. It’s later explained to Superman by Batman that heat vision is just the beginning of this ability and he can blast out all of his stored solar energy (that’s how Superman gets his powers) from every cell. It’s almost a nuclear blast so it’s very dangerous to use, plus it leaves Superman completely depowered for about a day while he stores up more energy. What do you think? Is this an interesting angle to explore?

  • I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of JRJR’s art; but that Superman is particularly assy even by JRJR standards.

  • Chris Piers

    I’m a huge fan of JRJR but that said, there are times where he pretty much phones it in. Usually just when he’s under a tight deadline. But I don’t think he’s captured Superman’s face at all. There’ve been plenty of great Superman artists but the Curt Swan look is the type of face that seems right to me.