Friday Round Up: Ben Affleck Batman Ben Affleck Batman Ben Affleck Batman

Vincent   August 23, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Ben Affleck Batman Ben Affleck Batman Ben Affleck Batman

Ben Affleck Superman Batman

Movie Stuff

Ben Affleck is Batman: Wow, the internet suddenly goes Voltron and forms a giant mouth breathing troll. If you said, “Epic Fail” or “FACE PALM” to this, you’re a douche. Mostly because those are overly used and douchey things to say. I might have some reservations, but snap judgements like this are ridiculous. Remember the extremely annoying reaction to Heath Ledger as Joker? Or how about Chris Evans as Captain America?

The other aspect of this is that some of the worst whiners hated Man of Steel and have sworn to never see another Snyder directed Superman film again (as is their right), so they were already dedicated to not seeing the Superman/Batman team up flick. Why complain about a movie you have no intentions of seeing? Oh that’s right… the internet.

Dress Like Cobra Commander! Who doesn’t want to look like either Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra or a huge creepizoid?! This jacket is just what you need to complete your rise to domination or creepiness.

TV Stuff

Rambo: Rambo could be a TV series. Wow, that’s a weird piece of news. I could see at least one more movie, but not a show. Well, I guess stranger things have happened and the idea of a guy going around righting wrongs has been done before plenty of times, so it could work.

Toy Stuff

Star Wars Black: Poe Ghostal has a nitpicky point about the Star Wars Black series that I agree 100% with.

Old Wrestling Ad WWF

Wrestling Ad: This old Wrestling toy ad reminded me of when Wrestling was at least interesting. Now it’s just a bunch of oiled up bald guys or dudes wearing jeans. Not interesting.

Retro Stuff

Power Rangers Fan Club: I found this unboxing of the old Power Rangers fan club kit to be hilarious.

Site Stuff

Traffic? We’ve had some great spikes in traffic in the past couple of weeks followed by some really incredible low days. Those have been concerning me, as they seem to be pretty unexplainable. Are we doing something wrong here? LOVE US!