Friday Round Up: Be the Ape You Were Born to Be

Chris Piers   November 27, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Be the Ape You Were Born to Be

If you watched the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, you may be familiar with filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and how he liked to collaborate with the late Jean Giraud aka Moebius. After their work on Dune fell apart they began making comic books, starting with The Incal. In the 80s, Heavy Metal magazine considered making it into a feature-length animated movie but ultimately only created a trailer which you can now watch above. Trippy.

Read on for news on Riddick, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Iron Fist, Lost in Space, why the Hobbit movies sucked and a chance to be an ape in the next Planet of the Apes movie.


Above is a teaser for the fact that producers are about to make War for the Planet of the Apes, the third film in the franchise. But the really cool news is that you can audition to be an ape in the movie. You can read the full rules here but basically you just have to make a 30-second long clip in English and upload it to YouTube. I’d love to be an ape in one of those movies, wouldn’t you?

Vin Diesel Riddick

I kind of love how affection Vine Diesel has for his character, Riddick. Pitch Black was a modest but well-done Alien type of movie where he starred as a badass mercenary. Then they tried to go HUGE with a sequel that was epic space opera stuff. It didn’t really work as well. But he still wanted to make more so they made the smaller Riddick, which was kind of TOO much like Pitch Black. Anyway, this past week Diesel announced they’re about to start production on a fourth one. My advice? Just adapt the Riddick video game Escape from Butcher Bay. It was actually a treaty story with Ron Pearlman as a supporting character. Anyway, as long as Diesel makes those Fast and Furious movies, someone is probably willing to foot the bill for him to make more Riddick, too.

So I doubt I was the only person who thought the Hobbit movies just stunk. I loved the Tolkein book and loved Lord of the Rings, liked the cast they assembled. But the movies just fell utterly flat for me. The above video helps to explain what happened. Basically, Peter Jackson was just winging it with no real plan in place. That comes from the documentary on the BluRay disc for Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. For instance, the reason they stretched things out to three movies? They had NO idea what to do and needed more time. It’s shockingly honest for a movie extra that came out so soon after the movie’s release.


felicia day for mst3k

Last week we passed on the news that the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter had passed its minimum goal and it would star Jonah Ray. Now comes the news that Felicia Day is joining the show, playing the daughter of mad scientist Dr. Forrester, who used to torture Joel and then Mike with bad movies. I’m more interested with both cast announcements, personally. I like those two.

iron fist by travel foreman

Seeing as we hadn’t heard any new news on the development of Iron Fist, the fourth Marvel show Netflix was supposed to do after Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, people were worried it wouldn’t happen. Speculation ranged from Marvel having no idea what to do, to it becoming just a TV movie, to Punished taking his place as a TV show. Fortunately, it seems as though it’s definitely still happening and Marvel was really just focusing on getting Jessica Jones out for now. Jeph Loeb, a producer who oversees Marvel’s TV projects told Comic Book Resources this week: “There was a lot of speculation about what was going on with Iron Fist, because [fans] hadn’t heard anything about it, but there’s never been any change at all. The short answer is, ‘yes, there’ll be news.’”

lost in space cast

Netflix also announced that it would have an original series soon based on Lost in Space, the 60s sci-fi show about a family (plus a pilot, robot and gay evil doctor) on a spaceship, stranded and exploring space to try to find the way home. It’s being described as “an epic but grounded science fiction saga focusing on a young explorer family from Earth lost in an alien universe and the challenges they face in staying together against seemingly insurmountable odds.” It’ll be written and produced by the guys who made Dracula Untold (eh…) and co-produced by Neil Marshal (yeah!) who is expected to direct the pilot. It can’t be any worse than that terrible late 90s movie version with Matt LeBlanc. Growing up, the guy who played Major Don West on the show (Mark Goddard) was a frequent substitute teacher for me. He was really awesome. I want this to be good because I had a lot of affection for those campy reruns.