Friday Round Up: Back From Vacation Edition!

Vincent   June 21, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Back From Vacation Edition!

Comic Book Stuff


Win Nowhere Men 1!: The contest to win Nowhere Men 1 is still open! It’s a great comic and it’s actually a pretty rare edition, plus it’s sign by the super cool artist. All you have to do is tell us your favorite fictional scientific invention or make one up and you may win! Even better, chances are really good you can win at the moment. Enter here!

Seriously, enter this contest, I’m begging you. I don’t have a lot of entries and I don’t want to look like an asshole when I show Nate that I only have four people participating. Thanks!

Toy Stuff


Aliens: NECA has another round of figures that I want (that hopefully won’t break as soon as I open the package…) in the form of Hicks, Hudson, and an Alien warrior from Aliens. Poe Ghostal recently reviewed Hicks and Pixel Dan reviewed Hudson.

Also, NECA! Send me stuff! I’ll review it!

Super7 Goodness: Speaking of Alien, Super7 revealed their Alien SDCC exclusives. Hot damn I want that figure stand for when the figures come out. If I get it, I’d be very tempted to get doubles so I had carded versions and open versions of their sweet Alien ReAction figure line.

Too Much Stuff: I have way too much stuff. When I finally get moved and to the unpacking stage (probably in July) I’m definitely going to have to make lots of tough decisions when it comes to my collectibles. I think it might be time to let go of the vast majority of my old video games. Crom help me when it comes to some of my precious, precious toys.

TV Stuff

Someone has to cut back on horse hearts.

Someone has to cut back on horse hearts.

Game of Thrones: I’m catching up on Game of Thrones. I enjoyed the first book so I’ve always kind of wanted to check out the TV series.

The boobs are nice and the show is pretty compelling, but at times it’s extremely hard to watch. I have super empathy, so if an innocent person suffers through something like torture, I feel extremely uncomfortable. I realize it’s just “pretend” but the thing is, it makes me think of the real people who have gone through those kinds of things in real life. I almost foresee a breaking point where I can’t continue watching. For now though, I’m still hooked wanting to know what will happen next.

Movie Stuff

Independence Day 2: Well a release date for Independence Day 2 was announced and I really couldn’t care. It’s only notable to me because Independence Day was one of the most disappointing film experiences of my life. I remember wanting to see it really bad, but I was traveling with my dad because he is a truck driver. It’s kind of hard to see movies when you’re in a big rig, because you’re limited to where you can drive in your off time. Well, I ended up not seeing it in theaters, but on VHS. It had been built up so much in my mind that by that point it was the ultimate in lame.

Unfaithful Movies: io9 has a nifty article on the 12 most unfaithful to their source material Sci-fi movies. Good stuff. I especially dislike the movie Freejack, so glad to see it made the cut.

Man of Steel: Seems like my fairly recent movie reviews get a good amount of traction with you regular reader folks. I guess I’ll have to try to do more of them. I’m also kind of surprised at just how negative the opinion was on Man of Steel.

Snack Stuff

Nuggets: McDonald’s once had Onion Nuggets. Gross!

Video Game Stuff

Next Gen: Well now most of the details are out for the PS4 and XBox One. Both are going to be expensive and allow you to do stuff you never imagined possible in your wildest dreams! I guess. I don’t really care. Me and gaming have grown apart significantly in the last few years. There’s lots of current gen games that I want to play yet, so I imagine that if I do invest in either the PS4 or XBox One (such an incredibly stupid name), it will be far down the road.

Blog Stuff

West Week Ever: Hey look it here, I made it into a West Week Ever post!