Friday Round Up: Adios Spooktober

Halloween is tomorrow night so it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving. But before we leave, here’s one Halloween costume video worth watching. An 8-year old boy wanted to be a First Order Stormtrooper from the new Star Wars. Dad realized his son was the same height as the giant Stormtroopers they sell in toy stores now. Together, they hollow it out and turn the giant-size toy into a replica costume for him! Now, here’s the only question I have: why was it cheaper for them to buy the $90 toy instead of a $30 – $60 official costume? Maybe the figure has more authentic armor?

Alright, let’s dig in. We have the Walking Dead controversy, classic Ghostbusters news, Power Rangers movie news and a lot more. Time to round it up.


supergirl montage

Supergirl was a huge hit for CBS, drawing about 13 million viewers. Easily the highest rated new show on network TV this season. And it was also very good! We broke down all the comics references in this article which got us a lot of traffic and new followers on social media. Looks very promising.

walking dead nicholas glenn

Okay, so this paragraph is about the most recent episode of The Walking Dead and the controversy surrounding it. If you watch the show and are behind, just skip to the next section, Movies. Alright, so it seems like the show has unintentionally (I would assume) set itself up in a no-win situation. At the end of the latest episode, main character Glenn and cowardly supporting character Nicholas ended up surrounded by a massive wave of walkers. They were standing on a small dumpster in an alley with walkers all around them. And ultimately, Glenn ends up falling to the ground and being surrounded instantly by them and dying. At least, that’s what it was meant to look like. It was shocking because the episode didn’t really foreshadow something like that and didn’t focus on the character any more than usual. So fans were very upset. But then we all started looking at it more closely. And there were signs that he didn’t actually die, at least not yet. First, Nicholas landed on top of Glenn as they fell and the shot went to closeup where we see guts getting pulled and Glenn yelling. But maybe that was Nicholas’ body? Maybe Glenn had just enough time to roll under the dumpster or be saved by someone? I mean, he didn’t show up on Talking Dead’s “In Memoriam” segment. So there was doubt. And this is where the show shot itself in the foot. Many argued that this show lives and dies on its “dead means dead” premise and that you undercut the dramatic stakes with an unlikely save. On the other hand… no one wants to lose Glenn and the framing of the final action seemed to bend over backwards to provide an implausible but somewhat believable scenario where he survived. I have a third scenario and I’m not sure where it falls between those two arguments. In rewatching the final minutes, it seems like Nicholas’ gun clicks twice as he and Glenn switch to knives, having no more ammo. Then he really freaks out and the camera gives a vertigo look. But then Nicholas shoots himself and they fall. If I’m right, he should not have had any ammo. So maybe they were showing us Nicholas’ panic-induced hallucination? I’m not sure that’s any better than a weird last-minute save, but it may be what happened.


power rangers weird costume

It’s not news to say a Power Rangers movie is in development – we’ve mentioned the Pink Ranger casting fairly recently. However, this week a bunch of news came out. First of all, while it will use the dinosaur-themed “zords” from the original season of the show, the movie will not be called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Instead it will simply be Saban’s Power Rangers. Saban is the creator/owner of the American version of Power Rangers and I assume his name will be not unlike Disney or Marvel’s name before their movies. They also announced the character names. Below is the list along with their color, zord and actor.

  • The Red Ranger/Tyrannosaurus  Callum Oliver played by Dacre Montgomery
  • The Pink Ranger/Pterodactyl – Priya Patel played by Naomi Scott
  • The Blue Ranger/Triceratops – Brian Olson played by RJ Cyler
  • The Black Ranger/Mastodon – Oscar Fernandez played by Ludi Lin
  • The Yellow Ranger/Sabretooth Tiger – Teyana Jones (not yet cast)

I don’t know as much about Power Rangers as Will West but I do remember the Green/White/Red Zeo/Red Turbo/Black Dino Thunder ranger was Tommy Oliver. I wonder if Callum could be his son? I know the movie may be a straight reboot unconnected to the show but I think it could also work as a side-story type of idea where these kids somehow get the original powers and have their own movie adventures.


Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Lego

Lego announced this week they will have a Ghostbusters firehouse set! It looks amazing. That’s a nice, big set and those are usually the most challenging and fun to construct. That photo in front of the actual NY firehouse where they filmed the movie exteriors is just icing on top. January can’t get here soon enough for this Lego and Ghostbusters fan! It looks like Lego designed this on their own but a fan had submitted a similar idea to their Ideas site last year in March. Looks like Lego went even bigger but for a rough idea of the interior, it’s worth checking out that project here.

Rick Grimes ThreeZero posed Rick Grimes ThreeZero

ThreeZero makes high-end 1/6 scale action figures and has had a lot of success with their line based off of HBO’s Game of Thrones. They’ve also made Michonne, Merle and Michonne’s two “pet” walkers based off of The Walking Dead TV version. Now they’re finally making one based on the main character, Rick Grimes. and it looks pretty damn good. I collect Hot Toys 1/6 figures based off of Marvel’s films but while I love Game of Thrones and Walking Dead, I’ve never picked up a ThreeZero figure. Why? Well, in my opinion the head sculpts and paint jobs on the skin and hair aren’t quite as convincing and it speaks to the overall quality. However, they also typically cost a lot less. Hot Toys figures are around $300 while ThreeZero is closer to half of that. I may get this one, though. It’s their best likeness yet (again, just my opinion) and I’d be able to replicate comic book-version Rick by simply popping off his right hand! You can pre-order the figure as of today on their site.


Noriyoshi Ohrai Empire Strikes Back

Acclaimed Japanese illustrator passes away Noriyoshi Ohrai passed away at age 79 this past Tuesday. His name may not sound familiar but there’s an excellent chance you’ve seen his gorgeous work as he was commissioned to paint for many popular movies and games over the years. Among the most famous properties were Godzilla, Star Wars and Metal Gear Solid. He was a very private individual and not much is known about him but we are fortunate to have his work live on to remind us of his talent. I especially will always have his posters for Goonies and Godzilla: Final Wars burned into my mind’s eye.


pieces professor

Finally, I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our Horror Month contributors. If I subtract my reviews, we had 19 contributors and we had a new horror movie review every weekday for the month of October. It’s a lot to ask someone to write something when we don’t have any money. In other words, it has to be something each of these individuals was passionate enough about that they were willing to share their personal thoughts on a movie, good or bad, that meant something to them. I think that love is reflected not only in the reviews themselves but our strong readership numbers throughout the entire month. We had stand-up comedians, TV writers, novelists, podcasters and movie theater management contribute. It was amazing. I strongly recommend browsing through our archives for a good read.

  • William Bruce West

    Ya know, I had that same thought about the kid and the Stormtrooper costume! That figure costs $90-100, depending on where you buy it, and I’m pretty sure they gutted the electronics when making the costume, so was it really worth cannibalizing that whole thing for a costume that could’ve been acquired at retail for $30-60? I was gonna tweet that, but everyone seemed so happy about it, and I didn’t want to be a “hater”.

  • Chris Piers

    Maybe they just stole it to keep costs down.

  • Big Jim

    I love that Ghostbusters Lego set. Usually I see them and think “that’s cool”, but this I am actually considering buying.