Friday Round Up: Adios G.I. Joe

Old Indiana Jones

Disney announced that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg will make a fifth Indiana Jones movie. In 2019. At that point, Harrison Ford will be 76 years old. So we won’t be getting a spry Indy. I suppose this leaves us with a few options: Less Indiana Jones in action, more digital and/or obvious stuntman Indiana Jones in action, someone else handling the action role. Which of those sounds best to you? I may not have loved the fourth movie but I did like where it ended. I hope they don’t ignore that. As in, I hope Indy is a family man when this begins. It’d be a different dynamic. That doesn’t mean that Mutt and Marion have to be part of the adventure. But I think if you ignore at least Marion, you take away Indiana’s rightfully-earned happy ending.

We have some interesting news below from this week. Hasbro appears to be ending G.I. Joe. Lawsuits from Paramount against Star Trek fan films. Lawsuits from indie video game makers against reviewers. Adventure Time toys. Star Wars and Marvel news. Good stuff.


The new look for Shredder in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie sequel has been shared. Actor Brian Tee will play their nemesis and tweeted the above shot. Much closer to the traditional look than the Iron Man-on-steroids-with-2-billion-knives look from the first movie. I hope they just retcon that and say that Shredder was really just a lieutenant masquerading as the real Shredder.

john boyega at childrens hospital

You know who’s nice? John Boyega is nice. Dude dressed up as Finn for a 5-year old fan that has a brain tumor. They spent the day giving out toys at a children’s hospital in England. Looks like he made a lot of kids happy.

vulcan comparison legal filing

Oh man. Remember the guys making the Star Trek fan film, Axanar? They seem to have figured Paramount’s lawyers were bluffing when they were accused of copyright infringement. Instead, Paramount released a 28 page amendment to their filing featuring side by side comparisons of all the Star Trek elements they’re using. I don’t know how these fan film guys think they can win. Their entire defense appears to be “there have been lots of other fan films.” But these guys raised over a million dollars in crowdsourcing and are using at least some of that money to fund a new studio and pay themselves salaries. I just don’t see how they think they can win. But if you’re a legal expert and can explain it, I’m all ears!


transformers vs gi joe 13

It looks like Hasbro is quietly ending all G.I. Joe output. Obviously it’s too valuable a brand to just stop using but it definitely appears to be on hiatus. Hasbro recently ended its Collectors Club program, very quietly. That was the only way to get new Joe figures. There’s nothing new on store shelves. You’ll just see peg warmers and discounted KRE-O sets, if anything. But just this past week, the well-selling comic Transformers vs. G.I. Joe by IDW was announced as ending at issue #13. It looks like Hasbro’s taking a Joe break. Hopefully not for long.

In other big comics news, Marvel is about to launch a new crossover storyline, Civil War II. Obviously they’re making this to cross-promote with the Captain America: Civil War movie. The news that came out this week is the premise and the list of who is on which team. Basically, a being with the ability to predict the future stops a disaster and the heroes split into sides that think they should arrest supervillains based on these predictions to prevent tragedies (kinda like Minority Report) and those who believe we must wait to arrest people until they’ve committed the actual crime. I suppose both are valid enough positions. I just hope one side doesn’t end up being total dicks like Iron Man became in the comic version of Civil War. I also don’t understand how She-Hulk can be on the side that’s okay with arresting people before they commit a crime because she’s a lawyer. She believes in the current justice system. Strongly. In fact, you can see fellow lawyer Daredevil on the other side. Well, we’ll see.


he finn the human

Robotic Industries has created a toy mashup that’s also super, super rare. Above is He-Finn the Human, a Masters of the Universe take on Finn from Adventure Time. They sold ten (yes, just ten) online last week on the 11th. They will have FIVE for sale on April 9th at Toycon UK. Cost? 50 Pounds.

adventure time lego

In related Adventure Time news, Lego Ideas announced their latest company reviews and they’ll produce two new sets based on fan submissions. Previous Ideas have given us Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Wall-E and more. This time, they’ve decided to make brick-based characters from Adventure Time. Above is the fan submission by aBetterMonkey. The final version may look a bit different and it’ll come out around late Fall 2016.

By nearly all accounts, the games by Digital Homicide are not very good. But they have decided to fight back against bad reviews. In particular, they are suing reviewer Jim Sterling for over $10 million. They’re also representing themselves and their legal paperwork is full of confusing grammar. It’s totally worth a read to see what they’re suing over and how they came up with that $10 million figure. Above is Sterling’s video review of one of their games.


Star Wars Tshirt 13

Finally, site creator/editor-in-chief Vincent will be at Chicago’s c2e2 convention this Sunday. If you see him and say hello, he will give you a Hostess Twinkie!

  • Shawn

    Hasbro isn’t ending all GI Joe output. The GI Joe: A Real America Hero comic from IDW will still be on-going. Transformers VS GI Joe was only meant as a limited series. Also, Hasbro will be ending both the GI Joe and Transformers clubs at the end of this year. While both clubs have stopped taking new members, both will continue to output their magazines and club figures until the end of the year. Both clubs will also be shipping out their respective figure subscriptions to fans next year. Hasbro will then probably be re-launching both clubs sometime next year.