Friday Round Up: Lots of Comics Stuff!

Chris Piers   May 27, 2016   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Lots of Comics Stuff!

Here’s a new video that takes you behind the scenes on the new Walking Dead attraction for Universal Studios theme park in L.A. It will open on July 4th as a permanent attraction. It’s largely based on the hugely popular walk through “haunted houses” that AMC and Skybound have built for conventions the last few years. Looks fun. Combined with Harry Potter World, I gotta get to Universal Studios.

Okay, big week for comic book news. A lot of controversy. We have articles about that, upcoming toys including convention exclusives, a lawsuit against fan films going away and a lot more. You’ll enjoy this one.


Preacher commentary

If you liked the premier of Preacher, you can now watch the episode with commentary by executive producers and directors of the episode Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. You have to login with your cable provider but it’s really interesting!


Captain America had a huge week. He’s already got his hit film still in theaters. But over the last week, a meme developed based off of Cap’s closeness with Bucky in the movies: #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend. It’s not as out-there an idea as it may at first appear. I think our friend and occassional guest writer Pete covered it best with an article he wrote about it this week, that you can read here. Then, just yesterday it was announced in the media that in the comics Marvel has revealed that Captain America has secretly been a sleeper agent for Hydra. It doesn’t seem to make much sense, given that he’s fought them for a very long time. In fact, I can’t see it sticking for long. But it has led to some very funny memes.

dc rebirth

DC also had some controversial news this week. They finally released the first issue of their Rebirth event. I’ll try to avoid spoilers here and it’s gonna be tricky. But writer Geoff Johns basically posits that when DC had their universe rebooted as the New 52 a few years ago, it became a more cynical place. And he comes up with a story reason for that that makes a lot of sense in comic book logic. But it uses a mega-powerful character that was originally created by a popular writer and artist decades ago with the intent to be creator owned and DC published. DC did something new – they kept the book reprinted regularly that retained their ownership of the characters and story and permanently soured a relationship with this well-respected creator. So while the story idea for Rebirth is certainly innovative, it can also be seen as further abuse of creator’s rights by DC. A lot of people will disagree with me there, and say DC has always been in the legal right. And that’s fair. But I don’t think they’re in the moral right and it’s too bad such a key event in DC comics history is exploiting this.

comixology unlimited

Amazon announced a new Comixology Unlimited plan where you basically rent comics like you stream movies on Netflix. It’s only $5.99 a month for all you can read and you can have up to 50 books on your device offline at any time. Good value and they claim to have thousands of comics. But I can’t yet find details on whether that means full runs of comics. As in, they may just have a few runs but not everything so that you still buy some. I’ll have to do the free trial so I can write a review on the site soon. Also, how do creators get reimbursed for this? With sales, they get royalties. But will they get paid for this? Seems like this is something publishers negotiated directly with Amazon so who knows? I’ll be reading up and researching that, too. Finally, it’s worth noting that Marvel and DC are not participating in this plan. But they still have Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Archie, Valiant, and a lot more. Hellboy stuff, Transformers, Buffy, Jodorowsky and Moebius, Scott Pilgrim. There seems to be some great titles available. Need to know more though.


hot toys daredevil announcement

Hot Toys has had some big announcements this week. Yesterday they announced that they’ve obtained the license to Marvel’s Netflix show Daredevil and they will soon unveil figures for Daredevil and Punisher. The movies and TV shows may not cross over a lot but at least the 1/6 scale figures can! In related news, they will open their first store in mainland China (currently they have one in Hong Kong) next month at the about-to-open Downtown Disney in Shanghai. There’s speculation that Hot Toys will announce a Spider-Man figure based on his appearance in Captain America: Civil War at the opening.

Meanwhile, Daredevil and Punisher and a whole host of others will appear as Minimates exclusives at the San Diego Comic Con. You can read the full list here.

neca tmnt sdcc exclusive

NECA announced they will have exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets available at the San Diego Comic Con this year. They’re based off of the classic 4-player arcade game. I collect every action figure version of Donatello and it burns me that I won’t be at the con to get these. It’ll probably mean I pay through the ass for them on eBay.

I just found this video to be an impressive piece of design. I don’t have the architectural or engineering background to figure out how to do this. It’s sort of a pop up book that forms a massive, beautiful Japanese castle!


Remember the lawsuit by Paramount against the Star Trek fan film Axanar? According to producer J.J. Abrams, it’s going away thanks to Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin. At a Star Trek celebration on the Paramount lot last Friday, J.J. made the following announcement to the crowd:

“A few months back there was a fan movie, Axanar, that was getting made and there was a big lawsuit that happened between the studio and these fans, and Justin—and I need to tell the story because he probably wouldn’t—was sort of outraged by this as a longtime fan. We started talking about it and realized this was not an appropriate way to deal with the fans. The fans should be celebrating this thing.… Fans of Star Trek are all part of this world. So he went to the studio and pushed them to stop this lawsuit, and now, within the next few weeks, it will be announced this is going away, and that fans would be able to work on their project.”

Here’s an interesting video if you have time to kill. George Miller almost directed a Justice League movie while the Nolan Batman movies were still being made. At the last moment, after cast and sets and costumes were ready, Warner Bros. pulled the plug. But at this convention, a cast does a live reading of the script (not THE cast that Miller had assembled). It’s as long as a movie. But if you’re curious about what could have been, here you go. It’s ambitious, to say the least.



Barnes and Noble’s blog often has some great articles. They have a new one that very specifically references this past week’s episode of Game of Thrones. So if you’re worried about spoilers, don’t click this link. But it’s a smart article discussing adaptations of books that basically questions the long said argument that “the book was better.”