Friday Round Up: 2nd Week of February 2016

Chris Piers   February 12, 2016   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: 2nd Week of February 2016

A group of people decided to dress up as Super Mario characters and race go-karts through the mall. A Mario Kart Flash Mob. It’s pretty fantastic. It’s short, so stay till the very end. If you want an adult-sized go-kart, the new Arrow is a good value at $600. Below is some Batman v Superman news, some Star Trek TV news, a Kickstarter for a TMNT game and more.


The final trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out. It’s actually the best one yet because it streamlines the idea. And it ends with Batman proving to somehow be a match for Superman. Maybe it’ll be good after all. Maybe justice… will dawn.



The upcoming new Star Trek show got a fantastic showrunner. Bryan Fuller, who got his start in TV writing for Deep Space Nine and Voyager before running his own shows like Pushing Daisies and Hannibal, will oversee the new show which will debut on CBS before moving over to CBS’ streaming service. Although, personally I think that if it’s a huge hit they may show it on both. It just seems like you’d be shooting yourself in the foot by ignoring traditional TV viewers. No word yet on what the premise or era it would feature. But back in the day Fuller said he would love to cast Angela Bassett as captain of a ship.

saved by the bell the max

For some reason a Saved by the Bell pop up bar is about to land in Chicago. It better look like The Max or they failed completely, no matter how many AC Sliders you serve up. If you want to know where it will be, you can follow their Facebook event page.


Rolling Stone selected the 50 best sketches from SNL of all time. You know what? It’s a pretty strong list.

funny or die trump art of the deal

Funniest thing this week? Funny or Die’s 50 minute movie about Donald Trump, as played by Johnny Depp, recounting his life story to a kid. In the movie, supposedly Trump himself also wrote and directed it. It’s only slightly crazier than the man himself. It is also set back in the 80s so it features a real new song by Kenny Loggins and ALF as Trump’s best man in his wedding. Amazing.


tmnt kickstarter

Here’s a Kickstarter you may want to look into. I supported it. It’s basically just buying a new tabletop game by IDW based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It has a high price point–$90–but it keeps hitting stretch goals so there’s lots of extra missions and figures that have been added. Just under 2 weeks left!

Someone build a machine out of Lego that folds a paper airplane and pushes it out on its journey. I wish I had an engineering mind like that!

bb-8 spin master

In the fall, Spin Master will release a 19″ tall BB-8 that will come to you when you talk to it and obey some other voice commands. It’ll be $180 so if the tiny $150 Sphero one didn’t quite do it for you, now you could get a nearly life-sized one!

bandai figuarts tmnt

Bandai’s Figuarts line is really well done. And now they’re going to adapt the Ninja Turtles from the original 80s cartoon! Starting today you can pre-order Leonardo or Donatello for a Fall release.