Friday Round Up: Some Things and also Some Stuff!

It’s time to round up all the important news of the week. Right, Taekwondo Spider-Man?

OK, now that you’ve seen my personal workout tapes, let’s break down the important news in tv, film, toys and more!


star wars rebels

The new Star Wars cartoon, Star Wars: Rebels, is set after the prequel trilogy and is in the “new” continuity that will include the upcoming JJ Abrams-directed part VII film. Disney XD hasn’t even debuted the first episode yet but they must be impressed with the show’s quality because they just announced that they’ve already renewed it for a second season. Let’s hope we all dig it. In related news, even though critically and fan-beloved Clone Wars was canceled for this show, has released an unfinished 4-part episode for that show’s final season. Basically, the show edited together the animatics along with the cast’s voice recording so that the story is still watchable. A nice gift for fans of the show.

Here's Detective Jim Gordon running around.

Here’s Detective Jim Gordon running around.

Gotham has had its first two episodes air. It’s… a thing. The show seems to not know 100% what it wants to be. The James Gordon stuff is ostensibly the center of the show and is played like a gritty crime drama. But then we will cut to 10-year old Bruce Wayne’s story from time to time and it doesn’t really fit very well. And then the villains are a bit campy. Overall, I find it very bland at best and just weird to see Batman villains like Riddler and Penguin be about 20 years older than Bruce. So if this show is a huge success and we get to the point where 18-year old Bruce dons the cape and cowl? Well, the show better end right at that moment because the next step would be seeing Batman at his peak beating up on some middle-aged weirdos and that’s less than impressive.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back and the show is much, much improved from the first half of season 1 where it twiddled its thumbs and waited for the Captain America 2 movie to introduce Hydra. Once that happened, the show exploded forward with a lot more action and characters from the comics. Season 2 has only had 2 episodes but its given us characters from the books like Dum Dum Duggan, The Kraken, Absorbing Man and Agent Hartley. It’s been fun! They will shortly be introducing Adrienne Palicki as Mockingbird as part of the recurring cast and that should be a good addition. The show’s ratings seem not-so-impressive at first glance: 6 million to NCIS: New Orlean’s 17 million. But if you take a look at the coveted 18-49 age demographic, they’re about tied. Combined with the fact that ABC in general skews female and S.H.I.E.L.D. brings in a healthy male audience and the show’s probably more than safe. Even if it was just there to advertise the movies and blu-ray releases, it serves ABC’s boss, Disney’s, interests.



A favorite movie here at The Robot’s Pajamas across all contributors is 2012’s sci-fi action film Dredd. The movie did “okay” at the box office despite getting really good reviews. And those of us who have seen it loved it. We want a sequel! The studio seems disinterested, so a fan campaign was mounted, supported strongly by 2000AD, publisher of the Judge Dredd comics that the movie was based on. It all culminated this week on Wednesday, October 1st in what was called #DayofDredd. Basically, fans were asked to watch Dredd on their streaming platform of choice or to buy a copy to show that there’s plenty of interest in the movie. And it seems like it was very successful! The movie went from #52 to #9 on Amazon’s sales charts and all the way up to #1 on Amazon UK. It’s too soon to know just how many people watched or bought it but it was enough to get the attention of co-star Olivia Thirlby who played Psi-Judge Anderson in the film and she made a video thanking the fans. Fingers crossed that the fan movement was enough to spark interest. We know star Karl Urban is up for more, so it’s really all up to the financiers.

horror header

We have a theme for the month. Horror Month. Sorry, “Horror Rama,” “Horror Thon,” and “Horror Mania” were all taken. Basically, we have guest reviewers writing about their personal favorite horror movie and why. We’ll try to have a post up each work day. Hope you enjoy!

Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi movie Interstellar released its 3rd (and best) trailer. This looks like an epic, exciting journey to find a habitable planet before Earth in the near future becomes a dust bowl. There’s a lot of serious, hard sci-fi to it, but also a lot of majesty and wonder. And these days Matthew McConaughey seems to be able to do no wrong. He’s come a long way from the “Alright, alright, alright” days. Man, True Detective was really good. Anyway, November 7th can’t get here soon enough.

Another movie that looks really fantastic is Horns, based on Joe Hill’s acclaimed novel. Basically, Daniel Radcliffe’s girlfriend dies in a car accident and he feels guilty about it. Then he starts growing horns and people think he’s from Hell. It doesn’t help that he seems to be able to know everyone’s deepest, darkest secret. Then things go nuts. Looks fun!

X-Men: Days of Future Past was actually a really good movie. This is a breakdown of what the special effects teams did to composite many of their visual effects. It’s actually really interesting and makes the finished product that much more impressive. I wish films wouldn’t be quite so reliant on CGI because it doesn’t always fool us so why not use a miniature or a puppet just to vary it up and keep us guessing? That said, a bunch of these effects were stuff I didn’t even notice so it is pretty impressive.



I only read 2 or 3 comics these days so I’m not usually plugged in to understand what the next big event for DC or Marvel is. But I’m kind of excited for Marvel’s upcoming crossover event, Axis. Basically, the Red Skull has stolen part of Professor X’s brain and it’s made him the most powerful telepath on the planet. Now he can broadcast his messages of hatred to everyone. It’s a really believable fallout from the underwhelming Avengers vs. X-Men event. It’s all spearheaded by Rick Remender and he really has been putting out some of the best comics today. Whether it’s Captain America or Uncanny Avengers for Marvel or his creator-owned stuff like Black Science or Pretty Deadly, Remender is just killing it. So yeah, I’m pretty excited to see the Avengers and X-Men team up to take on the threat of “Red Onslaught.” Marvel has been posting info about it to catch new readers up every day in a countdown here called 30 Days of AXIS.


TMNT Watch

Stare into the face of pure evil

Some mom in New Jersey is suing Toys R Us for $80 million. Why? She bought a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles digital watch that she claims burned her son really badly. Allegedly the battery leaked acid onto him. Leaked into his $80 million dollar pitching arm, I guess?

poop toy

Poop. It’s not just for boy’s toys anymore. Now girls can get the Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pets. These dolls have an animal (unicorn, koala, panda, etc.) that defecate glittery orbs. It’s real.

  • TrooperLITE

    Seriously!! What the hell was up with those Go Pro shots of Jim Gordon running around? It was so weird!

  • Chris Piers

    I love comics so I want to give it a shot, but I don’t think Got Ham is for me.

  • montewilliams

    I’m selling all my G.I. Joes to fund the purchase of any and all poop-themed toys.

    Also, Horns is a kickass novel.

  • Dex

    “defecate glittery orbs”
    Worth the price of admission right there