Free Locke and Key Audiobook Starring Tatiana Maslany

Chris Piers   July 8, 2015   Comments Off on Free Locke and Key Audiobook Starring Tatiana Maslany

locke & key audiobook

AudioComics has assembled an amazing cast for an audiobook of the critically acclaimed comic series Locke & Key. It stars, among others, Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black), Haley Joel Osment (Sex Ed), and Kate Mulgrew (Orange is the New Black, Star Trek: Voyager). Also a supporting cast from the Upright Citizens Brigade and some native New Englanders. Oh, and it’s FREE.

Locke & Key was written by Joe Hill (Horns) and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. I strongly recommend it. Amazing horror story set in modern day but gothic New England and dealing with a family recovering from the brutal murder of the husband/father. Upon returning to the family home, the children begin to find keys that unlock supernatural abilities within the user. From there, we learn that the previous generation used these keys and something very bad happened. It unlocked a demonic force that possessed a kid and now that force is back to prey on these new kids.

The books are well worth picking up and reading no matter what. But we’re all busy. We commute, we work out. We listen to music and podcasts while we’re busy. So why not give this audiobook a try. You can pre-order it through Amazon for free. Again, that’s free.