First Official Images of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys

Chris Piers   June 11, 2015   Comments Off on First Official Images of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys

new stormtrooper legion

Star Wars: The Force Awakens doesn’t arrive until December 19th, but anticipation is high and there will be plenty of toys and other licensed products coming out ahead of the movie. Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive first look at three items, all based on the new Stormtrooper design. It’s worth noting this confirms that the Empire is now called The First Order. We should get to see more official Star Wars merchandise debut at the annual geekosystem event July 9-12. Read on to see the three new toys.

lego first order stormtrooper

First up is this Lego buildable Stormtrooper. It’s 81 pieces and is pretty poseable. This won’t be for sale until January 1, 2016, shortly after the movie has been released.

star wars black first order stormtrooper

Here is a First Order Stormtrooper action figure from Hasbro’s Black Series. It will be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive at their booth and if any are left over you can buy them after the Con at for $24.99. It’s worth noting our earlier post about someone in China selling a Stormtrooper on eBay seems to be legit. They look the same.

hot wheels stormtrooper

Finally, Hot Wheels will release this First Order Stormtrooper car. They already have a series of Star Wars characters as cars. I don’t quite understand the appeal. But if you want to imagine a Stormtrooper has Turbo Teen-esque powers, here you go, in die cast metal!

Overall, I think I like the Black Series Stormtrooper action figure the most. I’m a huge Lego fan but it’s just too small a set to be fun to put together and while the poseability is fantastic, the detail on the Black Series wins out for me. What do you want to see?