Fighter Pods: Ultra Cute Star Wars Toys

Hasbro is launching some new Star Wars toy line for little kids called Fighter Pods. I’m not sure what exactly its all about, but it seems to be trying to cash in on some other popular kids toy line that I don’t give a fuck about. What does interest me is that this toy line is making super cute Star Wars toys. They’re even cuter than their Galactic Heroes line!

Check these out:






Imperial Guard


Darth Vader


Boba Fett

Now of course you can’t just buy the Fighter Pods you want. They come in a mystery bag. Sigh. Still, they are pretty awesome and I might pick up a bag or two to test my luck.

  • Dex

    If they are anything like the Squinkies they are immitating, you’ll be able to buy them in sets too. At least in the sets you can see some of the ones you’ll be getting.

  • phillyradiogeek

    The Darth Vader looks like the kid from the Volkswagon commercial, especially the way he has his hand in the air.

  • Ugh thanks for ruining the Darth Vader.

  • Pooterz

    I’m so f**king sick of Star Wars.

  • Uh, thanks for sharing.

  • Ugh

    Ugh. How many Star Wars toys do you need? What would you do with them all?

  • Thanks for the insightful reply. How much of anything does a person “need”? People collect things, stamps, cars, antiques, whatever. Do you “need” any of it? Nope, but it’s a hobby. Get off your fucking high horse.

  • Ugh

    So you like to look at them? Or play? Or set it up?

  • I like to look at them.

    I’ll refer you to these two articles, since I’ve written all of this sort of thing before and I don’t feel like repeating myself:

    Defending Toy Collecting:

    Why I Collect Toys:

  • Compulsive Collector

    I have no interest in STAR WARS or STAR WARS toys, but I’m going to read this article and comment on it anyway. While I’m at it, I’ll give you shit about how you approach your hobbies. You know, ’cause I’m a douche like that.

  • Chad B.

    How dare you have interests in something that Ugh doesn’t Vincent? Gees don’t you know the rules? Toys are like, for kids and stuff. Cause like, there’s no way you should have an interst in these things. Just ask Ugh, he seems to know what’s what.