Female Armor Doesn’t Work

College Humor really drives home the point of how female armor in fantasy settings is less than ideal protection. I’m sure we’ve all realized this, but have chosen to ignore this basic fact in order to admire hawt chicks that fight dragons, trolls and what not. At least, I know I have.

And I know this isn’t the newest video around. If that bothers you, suck it.

  • Wallace

    Honestly, I can’t understand what her problem is. It’s not like Red Sonja ever gets hit, except maybe in the arm, and that’s only ever a scratch. Take Conan for example. He wears LESS than she had on, and he wins every time! She’s totally off her rocker.

  • Those are some damn fine points, although I think Conan in the books will wear more armor from time to time.

  • Chad B

    Right in the shiny part!