Eric Powell’s He-Man Art is Sexy

Vincent   September 12, 2011   Comments Off on Eric Powell’s He-Man Art is Sexy


I loved the little mini-comics that He-Man figures (or Masters of the Universe for your sticklers) used to come with. Of course, I lost every single one of them quickly after opening the figure, but that doesn’t stop my nostalgia engine from going into overdrive.

The newer Masters of the Universe Classics figures by Mattel are going to pump a bit of that extra nostalgia loving into their figures by including mini-comics. Eric Powell, the creator of the popular indie comic Goon, recently auctioned off an original painting to be used in one of these mini-comics and it is amazing. I love when He-Man mixes dinosaurs, it’s like peanut butter and jelly or chain mail bikinis and hot ladies. Anyway, the auction ended at a whopping 1,500 bucks. Who knew adult He-Man fans had that much cash? HINT Ladies: Get with a He-Man collector.