Episode 1: It’s Party Time with The Robot’s Pajama Party


The staff of The Robot’s Pajamas is pleased to introduce the first episode of what we hope to be the long running Robot’s Pajamas podcast, The Robot’s Pajama Party: The Official Geek Culture Podcast of Awesome. We’ve got a double helping of geek power as I’m joined by by friend Matty who is hilarious and just happens to have an excellent podcasting studio.

Matty and I talk about geek stuff, but we’re not your typical “recite the news and pretend to be funny” geek podcast. Nope, it’s a unique spin on geek topics and culture and we are genuinely entertaining.  

You can listen to the episode right here in this fancy flash application:

This episode: Apathy towards Green Lantern’s casting, bragging about which cons we’ve attended, thoughts on Scott Pilgrim, Predators talk, movie trilogies, inappropriate toys for children, why Inception sucks, and everyone’s favorite punching bags, the Juggalos.

You can also find the show on iTunes, so if you check it out there for the love of all that’s unholy please give us a good review. Oh yeah, and here’s an RSS feed for the show.

We would love to hear your feedback on the show. Either leave a comment here, on the Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page, or on the Robot’s Pajamas Twitter account.  You can even email us at RobotsPajamas@gmail.com.

And if you have any more questions for either of us or topics you’d like to hear us discuss, be sure to send a message in any of the above places!

  • Zak

    Downloading it now. I can’t wait to hear it.

  • Chad B

    Just looked for it on iTunes and couldn’t find it, I’ll check again tomorrow, may just be the cache needs to be updated or something.

  • Vincent

    Yeah, we just discovered that there’s a problem with iTunes. You can download it using the menus in the above thingy do though.

  • Matty

    It’s been submitted to iTunes, awaiting approval. It’ll be up there shortly.

  • only elderly New York film critics think that Inception sucks

  • Listened to a bunch on the way to work this morning. Great chemistry and fun topics that I enjoy. I like it!

  • I just listened and it was good!

    One thing I like about it is that you talked well together. You did NOT talk over each other, which is a problem I’ve heard in a lot of podcast conversations. It sounded really good and was easy to listen to.

    I have a question to submit for a future podcast.

    As you know, I have a Stinkor action figure. I read that these were sometimes scented with patchouli oil. What do you think about scented action figures? Is there any time where this is a good idea? What would your favorite figures be scented with – if they had smells?

  • Vincent

    Thanks to those that listened and enjoyed. Emma, I will try to address that in the future.

  • Good podcast, dudes. It was entertaining and relevant to my interests. Thanks for the plug, too. Let me know when you guys can come out for a San Diego Comic-con, or WonderCon even. You guys need to watch The Expendables before the next one so you can discuss its supreme manliness. The music in the background (like the Castlevania theme) was at a good volume where it wasn’t overpowering and I could still hear you guys.

  • Vincent

    Thanks Shawn!

  • I agree. The background music was at the perfect level and was a great idea. Listened to the whole thing and really enjoyed it.

  • Ur Dad

    Wow…you both did a wonderful job…