Enter The Ninja

Vincent   February 10, 2010   3 Comments on Enter The Ninja

What you are about to see could be considered the most fucked up thing ever. It’s a music video from “Die Antwoord” a South African rapper. In this video he is rapping about being a ninja. Now there’s a couple things you have to pay attention to here. The first is the girl who you think will be pretty, but is totally hideous. The second is that uber freak.

Hot damn, it’s like that chick is wearing a hot chick’s face. My theory with the mutant that keeps popping up that he’s the twin of the girl and she’s the socially acceptable one. She’s allowed to walk the earth studying arcane secrets and rapping, while he stays at home and grows, until he can someday fulfill his destiny by opening the door to the elder gods.

Shit, I’ve been reading too much HP Lovecraft. Anyway, Die Antwoord is some hilarious stuff.

Thanks to: Matty of Dudecast

  • i don’t think that girl knows the difference between a ninja and a samurai

  • Chad B

    I can’t thank you enough for this, I’m definitely going to work tomorrow and making my coworkers watch this.

  • Vincent

    Spread that love! I’ll be sharing another one of their videos soon that’s almost as disturbing.