Easter Eggs in the Daredevil Motion Poster

Chris Piers   March 20, 2015   Comments Off on Easter Eggs in the Daredevil Motion Poster

Daredevil debuts on Netflix on April 10th and they released a “motion poster” to promote it. I don’t quite get the point of it, but there’s actually a lot of interesting references to the comic book world Daredevil comes from:

  1. Avengers Tower can be seen in the middle right, towards the top, when the video begins
  2. By 0:03, Karen Page is mentioning the city is really changing and if you listen, you can hear Iron Man’s repulsor ray charging up
  3. There’s a bar on the right, in the shadows, called Josie’s – in the comics, Daredevil frequently finds the lower dregs of the underworld, like Turk, hanging out there
  4. If you look above the diner on the left, you can glimpse a sign for Murdock and Nelson, Daredevil’s legal practice
  5. Matt Murdock’s reflection becomes the classic Daredevil costume, with horns, so he’ll probably evolve past the black ninja suit seen in trailers
  6. Supporting characters (from left to right) that show up include Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Ben Urich, Claire “Night Nurse” Temple, Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk, Wesley, and Vanessa