Dredd 3D: A Review

Vincent   March 24, 2014   4 Comments on Dredd 3D: A Review


It was with great anticipation that I put in the Dredd 3D disc in my PS3. After all, it was one of the driving forces for me wanting a 3D TV in the first place. I’m one of the few people that loves 3D, but having Dredd in 3D was the “killer app” for me.

Then… reality set it.

Judge Dredd 3D Review

The Movie: Dredd is a fucking awesome movie. There’s really no other way to say it. It’s a simple action flick that somehow manages to fill in emotional beats and deeper issues without having to take much time to do it. It’s brutal, fast, fun, and engaging. It even finds time to defy action movie stereotypes. Spoiler: One of the best examples of this is that Dredd doesn’t have to save his female partner. She in fact does it herself and then saves him.

This is my third time watching Dredd and while I’ve already written about it before (you can check it out here), I enjoyed picking out some details I didn’t really notice before, because I was so caught up in the action like the intricate wire sculptures the computer dude makes or the fact that Ma Ma has a Judge’s helmet in her display case.

On a technical note, I noticed a decent amount of digital artifacts (bunches of squares on the screen), particularly during fast action scenes. This is usually a TV problem, so after messing with the settings and turning LG’s “True Motion” off it appears this problem has gone away.

One problem that I can’t get to go away is in particularly dark scenes the characters appear to be extra grainy. Not sure if this is a limitation of the LG LED display I’m using as I hadn’t noticed it on my Sony Plasma.


The 3D: Dredd 3D isn’t exactly the 3D experience I hoped it would be. I think it was built up too much in my head. The Slo Mo scenes in particular weren’t as dynamic as I’d imagined they could be, however, there are still some greatness to the 3D aspect of Dredd. Mega City 1 in particular looks more imposing with the added depth. And in the shots where you are looking up, down, or even traveling down the center of Peach Trees the 3D lends to the enormity of the building or the fear of falling down it. Perhaps the best 3D scene is the one in which Ma Ma meets her final fate.

There was a fair amount of cross talk aka ghosting (when you see a faint double image). More so than I saw with recent viewings of Gravity or Beowulf 3D (which was streaming Netflix 3D… bring it to Blu Ray, damn it!).

If you want second opinions, I watched Dredd 3D with my girlfriend and my pal Matty. Matty really liked the experience, but I don’t think much could make him not like watching Dredd 3D aside from being disemboweled while watching it. My girlfriend was less than impressed. She prefers Dredd in 2D (and she’s not a 3D hater).


The Final Judgement: Dredd 3D is still great, despite my too high expectations for it. If you own a 3D TV by all means buy it and watch it in 3D. And if you haven’t seen Dredd 3D before and like kick ass action movies, watch it immediately! I wouldn’t say Dredd in 3D the reason to get a 3D TV if you’ve ever thought about it. And unlike a movie like Gravity, I don’t think it’s at all detrimental to the enjoyment of the film to not watch it in 3D. It’s just a nice feature, like surround sound.

  • I’m finally considering replacing my 6 year old 46″ LCD Samsung with a new 3D LED. The only thing that I’m wavering is on the active vs. passive 3D. I don’t necessarily want to have to pay for new batteries every few viewings. How’s the LG?

    Also you are 100% correct in your assertion … DREDD IS FUCKING AWESOME! Love that movie.

  • From what I read, the Active 3D is the choice if you’re reallllly picky about picture quality. However, I have a 46 in. LED passive and I like it. I love not having to get expensive glasses. Hell, we used some ones we kept from the movie theater and those worked.

    I struggled with active vs. passive and I’m really happy I went passive. Cheaper and totally satisfactory for my needs.

  • I think I’m going to go passive. I’ve got three-year old twins and the last thing I want to worry about is them trashing a $40 pair of 3D glasses. Also, replenishing my stockpile with stolen Real 3D glasses from the theater is enticing as well.

  • Yeah, who needs to buy them when you can just take a bunch of them at the end of the movie? You’ll just need to figure out how to clean the popcorn grease off them.

    We did have one pair that didn’t work that were IMAX ones, but the Real 3D brand ones worked.

    Where are you thinking about getting it from? I went with Amazon. I can give you the model I got.