Don’t Drown Your Food

Vincent   February 4, 2014   Comments Off on Don’t Drown Your Food

This bit of edutainment that aired on ABC used to drive me insane. Most PSAs had a good message, like Louie the Lighting Bug who espoused the virtues of not electrocuting yourself to death. “Don’t drown your food” told me not to use ketchup.

Okay, so it goes a little deeper than that, but as a ketchup conisour I always resented the fact that they were telling me not to drown my food in it. Fuck you, PSA makers. Who are you to tell me what to do with my french fries? The advice is wise for things like mayo and salad dressing. You can literally destroy your heart with those things, so the overall message is good. However, I don’t think they really get to why it’s bad. The PSA mentions that you can’t taste your food, not that it’s terrible for you. The reason why people put that crap all over their food in the first place is it tastes wonderful to cover your food in fat and salt. They should have shown an exploding heart or something.

And stay away from my ketchup usage. And my mustard. This is America. I do what I want with my food!

“Don’t Drown Your Food” comes from a group of PSAs called the “Bod Squad” and they started airing in the 1970s during the now long gone Saturday morning cartoon line up. I’m not sure when they stopped, because I remember seeing them all the time throughout the 1980s.