Donald F. Glut and The First Ever Spider-Man Film From 1969

Fun fact: The first Spider-Man film is from 1969 and it’s a fan film! I thought fan films were a more recent type thing, but you can see the first fan made Spider-Man flick here. It’s surprisingly not as terrible as you’d imagine, perhaps it’s even better than the really bad 1970s Spider-Man television show.


The man behind this Spider-Man flick is Donald F. Glut, who didn’t fade away into obscurity or wallow in the mire of fan films. Nope, Glut wrote episodes of cartoons like Transformers, Duck Tales, and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends among many more beloved 80s properties.

A Donald Glut novel.

A Donald F. Glut novel.

He also wrote the novelization for a little film you may have heard, The Empire Strikes Back. Quite the impressive success for a former fan filmmaker, I’d say. It is funny that it’s boasted on his Wikipedia page that the book is still in print. Not to take away the achievement, but it’s the novelization of Empire Strikes Back, of course it will still be in print. Regardless, I have read the novelization and I found it entertaining. Like the movie, but in book form!

A Donald Glut comic.

A Donald Glut comic.

That’s not all! Mr. Glut also responsible for writing a bunch of the back story for He-Man. Amazing. The super nerds of the world owe Donald Glut some thanks.

A Donald Glut film.

A Donald Glut film.

And just where some guys would be satisfied with piles of geek credentials, fortune, and glory, Mr. Glut goes ahead and makes some B movie style sci-fi/titty movies. Amazing. Donald F. Glut is in your brain right now making dreams happen. He’s that powerful, man.

I’m busting out the highest form of appreciation to Donald F. Glut, the official Robot’s Pajamas Cool Stamp:


Source: Retroist