You know the funny thing about District 9? I haven’t read or seen a single review. The only thing I saw going in to the film (with Jacon of mundAIM fame) was lots of good reports on Twitter and other nerds. In fact, this might have been the first movie I’ve ever gone to see that was almost completely unspoiled by nerd and critic hatred. So what did I think? Well, I was told by someone in the back of the theater that it sucked, so obviously their opinion was so crucial that it needed to be spread to everyone else. Perhaps that man back there wanted something more akin to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a virtual blow job from the filmakers. Despite his weighty opinion on District 9, I think I have to weigh in the favor of it not sucking, but this is not a review. This is a plea to Hollywood.

Please Hollywood, make more movies with mech suits. They don’t have to be exactly good, just better than movies like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And I’m not talking about the suits in G.I. Joe. I’m talking full on robot battle suits. I would pay good money (and I believe the critic in the back row would too) to see mechs blowing shit up for two hours. Seriously, I could watch a lightning gun turn evil guys into mist all day. Change it up with some missiles or something and I’d be a happy man. Whatever your opinion on District 9, I think we can all agree that the blowing shit up part of the film was “real good” and that there need to be more films where robot suits blow all kinds of shit up. Who’s with me?!

  • Mark @ Kids Spiderman Costumes

    I saw the movie. While I thought the special effects were very cool, I thought the storyline lacked a little…Just my opinion.

  • I have not seen that movie till now.

    I dont even know if it has already released here or not.

    Been extremely busy with work off lately.

  • that mech suit was pretty awesome. matty called me tonight and left a message gushing about how much he liked this movie. he probably compared it to buttsex…

  • This movie was the freakin’ balls. The balls and the taint. Its that whole crotchal region.

  • J hernandez

    This movie is very good. The Mech battle suit was like that of an Eva Mech from an Anime called Neon Genesis. The person’s body integrates with the Mech and that’s what makes this movie different and better from other live action movies that have robots. One of the best sci-fi’s in my opinion.

  • qfsurfmonkey

    I just saw the movie last night… it was awesome. I wholeheartedly agree about more movies with mechs. In fact, I wanna see a Mechwarrior movie! Can’t wait until District 10 comes out (*snicker*).

  • bob

    fuck you all i hate district 9!

  • Dear Bob,

    I want to thank you for your insightful comment on District 9. It really opened my eyes up to a whole new prospective of the film. I haven’t seen such thought provoking film criticism since my days as a film student.

    That being said, I really must ask how you found my post on District 9. It’s rather old and I must assume that you were searching for District 9 in order to find it and leave your bit of wisdom on my blog. Why would you search for what you hate the most? The only conclusion that I must draw is that you are dedicated to spreading your thought provoking and truly life changing film critiques across the internet, one obscure and forgotten blog post at a time. Kudos to you good sir. Perhaps someday we will all come around the to the opinion that we fuck ourselves and hate District 9 as equally as you do.

    My only regret is that you leave your comment in a shroud of anonymity. You are truly the Zorro of film criticism. Someday perhaps you could shred your cloak of mystery and bestow the full majesty of your intellect, but until then we must content ourselves with the knowledge of what you don’t like and your fuck yous.

    Hugs and Kisses,