Dinosaurs Attack! The Comic Book Series from IDW

Vincent   December 10, 2013   Comments Off on Dinosaurs Attack! The Comic Book Series from IDW


One of the greatest things to ever happen to me in childhood was the discovery of the Dinosaurs Attack! trading card set. Each card was a beautiful vision into a terrible world where dinosaurs appeared in our world and became relentless killing machines. Even the plant eaters!

Dinosaurs_Attack_card wedding

IDW has a series of Dinosaurs Attack! comics that any fan of the cards has to check out. What they did was take the original story in the cards and expanded it. While the art isn’t super amazing it does this interesting thing when shit is about to go down. The art switches to a painted style just like on the card art spectacularly recreating scenes from the cards. Just check out this scene that really stuck with me when I was a kid. A hunter is out taking a piss and a dinosaur materializes right where he’s standing:


There’s tons of great and bloody dinosaur action like this. They don’t pull any punches and it is fantastic. People are crushed, ripped in half, eaten, and kids are killed as well as adults! It’s glorious.

The story itself is expanded from the original and all the additions totally make sense. As a fan of Dinosaurs Attack! I totally give this series from IDW the official Robot’s Pajamas cool stamp of approval.