Dinosaur Toy Vault: Buy My Stuff!

Vincent   July 6, 2014   Comments Off on Dinosaur Toy Vault: Buy My Stuff!

Hey folks, guess what? I need help getting rid of my cool toys and collectibles and you can help. Here’s another post listing stuff that I have for sale. If you buy it direct from me you’ll get some free stuff in your order. If this stuff doesn’t sell it’ll go to eBay and nobody wants that.

If you want any of this amazing stuff, please send an email to RobotsPajamas[at]gmail[dot]com and I can get you a shipping quote.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Pack


Check this out! Items for your TMNT themed party! Cups, plates, napkins, and a tablecloth! It’s all sealed. Either throw a party or keep it sealed for an impressive and cool item for your collection.

I love the peripheral licensed merch of beloved properties so much. That’s why this was an instant buy. I got this, a Batman one, and an Alf one at the same time. I like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they’re not in my top tier stuff to collect, so it’s got to go to a home where it’ll be appreciated more.

Price: Make me an offer.

Marvel Universe West Coast Avengers Mockingbird


I don’t know much about Mockingbird other than she looks cool, was married to Hawkeye, died for awhile, and is hawt.

For a short while I collected Marvel Universe figures. Some of them are amazing, but I simply have to say no and limit myself. I broke down and got the West Coast Avengers three pack and it really pains me to get rid of them.

Price: 15.00 + Free Shipping

Marvel Universe West Coast Avengers War Machine


Another figure from the West Coast Avengers three pack. Man there’s been some great strides in the 4 in. market. I would have killed for this War Machine when I was a kid. His shoulder weapons fold back behind his shoulders. He has a bit of limited mobility, but they could only accomplish so much. The weapons firing pieces that you can put on his shoulder weapons are just too cool.

Price: 6.00 + Free Shipping

Marvel Universe West Coast Avengers Hawkeye


The last figure from the West Coast Avengers three pack. This is a pretty cool figure. I like his bow a lot. He also comes with an arrow, but I can’t figure out how to have him hold it like he’s shooting.

Price: 9.00 + Free Shipping

Batman Returns Party Invitations


When I found a bunch of these unopened Batman Returns party invites I *had* to buy them. I currently have five of these available, so if you want to throw a party or have a unique(ish) Batman collectible.

Price: 3.00 each + Free Shipping

DC Universe Classics Hawkgirl


Man, I really miss DC Universe Classics. This Hawkgirl is friggen fantastic. One of the best in the line. She comes with a mace, a spear, and a short sword (not pictured).

Price: 23.00 + Free Shipping

DC Universe Classics Gentleman Ghost


Gentleman Ghost is another character I don’t know a lot about, but I like him because of his design. He’s just great.

This figure looks like he might have had the wrong knee put on his right leg, it’s a little wonky.


G.I. Joe Defiant Left Tail Fin


When I initially bought my G.I. Joe Defiant I didn’t get a shutte, but I did get the left tail fin of one, so by the time I did get a shuttle I ended up with one extra. So I’ll just throw this up on here to see if anyone needs it. The stickers probably should be removed and some repro ones applied, but other than that it’s fine. I’m asking five bucks less here than on eBay, so take advantage now!

Price: 10.00 + Free Shipping

Karate Kommandos Chuck Norris


You know you need a Chuck Norris in your life. Maybe on your office desk where you’ll become the envy of all your coworkers and then you’ll get that raise you were hoping for.

This Norris is in pretty good shape, though I don’t know if his action feature is working. I don’t know how to activate it.

Price: 6.00 + Free Shipping

Indiana Jones Micromachines Set


Wow, talk about a cool set of Micromachines. It contains all the classic Indiana Jones vehicles. As the package indicates, from all 3 hit movies. Ahhh the time before Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Such an innocent era.

Price: 30.00 + Shipping

G.I. Joe Combat Heroes SDCC Snake Eyes and Timber


The Combat Heroes line is another G.I. Joe toy line that I absolutely loved, but died way before lots of the figures I wanted were released. I blame the first movie’s figures for ruining it. Anyway, this is the SDCC exclusive set of Snake Eyes and Timber, still in it’s original package.

Price: 8.00 + Free Shipping

G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Mirage and Cobra Viper


G.I. Joe vs. Cobra was a cool line that got a lot of older figures and vehicles back in stores again. And then there were some new figures that were absolutely awful. This set has a cool recolored viper and a nifty guy named Mirage.

Price: 8.00 + Free Shipping

Masters of the Universe Classics He-Ro


Who’s the friend of He-Man with the super 80s hair? It’s He-Ro! I found this guy in storage. I didn’t realize I had an extra. Time to let him go!


McFarlane Predator 2


I struggled with letting this one go, because I love the disc and spear this Predator comes with. Oh well, it’s got to go! This Predator is MOC, however there’s a dent in the bubble on the bottom left corner.

If you want it loose, I can ship with a discount.


Game Boy Hunt For Red October


It’s everyone’s favorite submarine movie from the 1990s in Game Boy form. Comes with game and box.

Price: 7.00 + Free Shipping

Star Wars Mini Rig MTV-7


Man, the Star Wars Mini Rigs from the vintage line were so excellent. Affordable, tiny vehicles that looked like they could have come from the Star Wars movies, well at least the world of the movie toys. I picked this one up at a yard sale. My test of whether I should keep it or not is on you. If you don’t buy it, I guess it deserves to be with me.

Price: 6.00 + Shipping

Star Wars Unleashed Clone Troopers and Snow Troopers

I really liked the small Star Wars Unleashed figures, but they stopped making them before we got some Unleashed Ewoks. For shame.

You get to pick between a set of Clone Troopers or Snowtroopers. Or both!

Price: 2.50 + Free Shipping


Star Wars Rebel Blockade Runner


Kenner made some cool stuff and the Collector Fleet was one of them, however they were rather rare. I picked this one up at a rummage sale. It appears to have been opened. When I opened the flap though, it doesn’t appear to have been taken out of the box.

The box’s condition is about a 7.5 out of 10. From what I saw of the ship it looked brand new.

Price: 30.00 + Shipping

Star Wars TIE Fighter


This TIE Fighter comes from the Power of the Force 2 era of Star Wars, which was basically the second coming of Star Wars. I think it’s weird that I’ve seen these advertised as vintage.

Price: 10.00 + Shipping

Star Wars Figures

Hey look, it’s Star Wars figures!

Will ship loose for discount.

Prices: Security Battledroid 4.00, Flashback C-3PO 5.00, Clone Trooper 3 pack 4.00, Darth Vader with Probe Droid 5.00, Imperial Officer 3.00, Mon Calamari Officer 3.00, Jek Porkins 4.00. + Shipping

Note: Prices given in U.S. currency.