Dinosaur Toy Vault: Buy My Stuff Part 3

Vincent   July 13, 2014   Comments Off on Dinosaur Toy Vault: Buy My Stuff Part 3

Welcome folks to another round of cool collectibles that you can actually purchase. I got a lot of cool stuff this round including Starcom, Star Wars, and G.I. Joe stuff!

If you want any of this amazing stuff, please send an email to RobotsPajamas[at]gmail[dot]com and I can send you a Paypal invoice. Free shipping is for Continental U.S. only.

This stuff will only be available for direct sale for about a week. Act quickly! It will go on eBay if it doesn’t sell here. Oh yeah, you can check out my current eBay offerings here.

Remember: When you order direct from me you get cool bonus stuff like post cards, trading cards, and occasional special pack in.

G.I. Joe Cobra Glider


Fans of G.I. Joe and especially fans of the G.I. Joe cartoon will remember the gliders. The original were made of Styrofoam and were so fragile that they’re worth a fortune now. This one is a fan remake that’s more preportional. It won’t fly, but it sure looks damned cool.


Price: 15.00 + Shipping

G.I. Joe Duke from DVD Battle pack


One of the more rare DVD figure packs had this Duke. I think he’s cool in that you can use him to reenact the best scene of the movie: The opening credit sequence.

Price: 11.00 + Free Shipping

G.I. Joe Iceberg


Iceberg here is is a G.I. Joe Collector’s Club exclusive. He’s a really interesting figure. Not only is he another cold trooper, but he has a snowboard for some extreme snowboarding action. This one has never been opened.

Price: 35.00 + Free Shipping

G.I. Joe Captain Ace


This Captain Ace came with the 30th anniversary Skystriker. I’m not a huge fan of the more contemporary helmet, so he’s all yours if you want him. He comes with a helmet.

Price: 10.00 + Free Shipping



I picked this MOBAT up at a flea market. It looked unloved and in need of a good home. It’s pretty well played with and it’s missing the battery cover and the top machine gun. This one might be good for a kid to play with or a rebuilding project.

Price: 20.00 + Free Shipping

G.I. Joe Kreo – Hit & Run


This is a collector’s club exclusive G.I. Joe Kreo Hit & Run with working parachute. It’s cool. You should buy it.

Price: 15.00 + Free Shipping

Captain America: The First Avenger Crossbones


This figure came out at the tail end of the Captain America: First Avenger toy line run. It’s the cool looking villian Crossbones. It’s interesting to note that the second film pretty much set up an origin for this guy.

Price: 12.00 + Free shipping

Captain America: Heroic Age Captain America


Not sure why he’s called Heroic Age Cap when he looks like Bucky’s version of Captain America. Regardless, he was a little more rare too.

Price: 12.00 + Free shipping

PVC Super Mario


This cute Super Mario jumping over a turtle figure is from… something. I’ve had him forever. It’s super cute.

Price: 6.00 + Free shipping

Starcom Shadowbat


Starcom stuff is extremely hard to find. I’ve been lucky enough to get a hold of extras. This Shadowbat is such a cool vehicle (check out my post talking about it). The only thing this one is missing is one of the canopies. Everything else is there and the motor still opens the cargo bay.


Price: 30.00 + Free Shipping

Starcom Parasite(s)


I never thought I’d have two of these much less end up with five, so you get to buy my extras! The above Parasite is in excellent shape and it’s motor still works.


Price: 25.00 + Free shipping


The above Parasite here has a bit of a cracked piece of plastic where the canopy connects to the the frame. It still is in proper working order though.


Price: 22.00 + Free shipping


The above parasite works, but it’s missing it’s lasers. Perhaps this one can be used as a scout?

Price: 8.00 + Free shipping

Star Wars Jedi Starfighters


I got two flavors of Jedi starfighters for you. Anakin’s or Obi Wan’s from Revenge of te Sith. They’re in pretty good shape, but they’d probably be ideal for someone’s kid to play with. I’m just looking to find a good home for them. If they don’t sell here they’re going to Goodwill.

Price: 5 bucks each + shipping

Star Wars Sideshow Aayla Secura


This is a little older Sideshow figure, but it’s still pretty cool. I believe she was a SDCC exclusive, so that would help explain her scarcity. I’m not sure if she was ever taken out of the package in displayed. I opened it a bit, but didn’t taker her out of her plastic tray. The box features a fair amount of shelf wear, but nothing too notable.


Price: 165 + Free Shipping

Star Wars Sideshow Admiral Piett


Admiral Piett was one of the few Imperial officers I felt any kind of sympathy for. Him and Jerrod seemed like okay. They were probably jerks though.


I’m not sure if this figure was ever displayed out of the package. I took him out and noticed his left arm was a bit stiff, making it difficult to display him with his arms behind his back pose.

Price: 110 + Free Shipping

Star Wars Tatooine Showdown


I got this back in the day where I was still in denial that the Phantom Menace sucked. Even though I’ve embraced the truth, I think this is a pretty cool 3 pack. Not cool enough to keep any more, but I figure that someone out there has a soft spot for the flick and they really should buy this from me.

Price: 12.00 + Free Shipping

Star Wars Exclusive Wookie


Back when I was HUGE into collecting Star Wars figures, the fact that the Star Wars RPG starter set Invaion of Theed came with an exclusive Wookie made it a must purchase. Sadly, I don’t even know this guy’s name. It’s not listed on his package. He looks cool though.

Price: 10.00 + Free Shipping

Zorro Figure


Zorro! Zorro comes from the Gabriel Zorro line from the early 1980s. He’s a pretty cool figure with bendable knees to sit up on a horse. Sadly, I don’t have his whip or cape.

Price: 7.00 + Free Shipping

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Triceraton


I didn’t know about this figure’s existance back when I was playing with TMNT toys. Had I known, I’d have wanted him very badly.

Price: 6.00 + Free Shipping

Transformers Generations Wheeljack


Who doesn’t love Wheeljack? I thought he looked cool, but never opened him. Note that the package isnt mint, there’s a stress crease on the left side.

Price: 18.00 + Free Shipping

Viewmaster Reels


Man, I love Viewmaster. I should get more into it, because I love 3D. However, I’m not huge into Blossom or the Meramec Caverns, so I’m offering these to you.

Note that these are sort of open. They have a slight cut on the left side. I believe this is so you can pull the slides out, but I haven’t tested this.

Price: 5.00 + Free Shipping