Vincent   August 7, 2008   4 Comments on Dinosaucers

When I was a kid, I pretty much had a nerd on for anything Dinosaur related, including cartoons featuring intelligent Dinosaurs who could talk and flew spaceships:

What young nerd wouldn’t want to meet a group of alien Dinosaurs that gave you super awesome technology and let you hang out with them? It sure as hell beat getting made fun of in gym class.

Dinosaucers had an odd place in the toy cartoons of my youth, mainly because it wasn’t an excuse to promote a toy line. It was the one cartoon that had all kinds of crazy concepts, a cast of unusual characters that wasn’t serving as a commercial for a toy. It kind of blew my mind that I couldn’t buy a figure of a rad sci-fi dinosaur, since it pretty much went against anything that I was raised to believe. Cartoons were meant for toys. How could this thing exist!?

On a side note, I always thought it was a shame that the theme song didn’t have any more words. To this day it pops up in my head and it bugs me that I don’t have anything more in there besides “Dinosaucers” repeating to infinity.

  • Jason P

    I totally remember this show, rock on!

  • wow that came outta left field. i remember the opening but none of the show. funny thing is, i don’t remember the toys. only dinosaur toys i remember were the dinobots and dinoriders.

  • But why were they called Dinosaucers? That sounds like the name of the ship they’d come in…not the name of the creatures, themselves…

  • Vincent

    I think you’re thinking about it too much Emma