Digga D’s Dark Horse Saddle Up: Better Late than Never!

Digga D   March 12, 2014   Comments Off on Digga D’s Dark Horse Saddle Up: Better Late than Never!


Howdy folks! Sorry for the late Dark Horse Saddle Up. Both me and Digga D are incredibly busy right now, but we’re trying are darndest to get some of these out for you. Now sit back and relax as Digga D dumps some comic thoughts into your brain.

Bad Blood #3


Script: Jonathan Maberry
Art: Tyler Crook

Thank God for Vampire books like Bad Blood. This book, in it’s 3 issues has crafted so good of a story, that it’s impossible to stop reading. What Bad Blood does is it takes a character dying of cancer, has a REAL vampire kill his friend in a visceral way (not pretty) and leaves the main character a healthy dose of fear and nothing left to lose disposition. Next issue, he meets a young goth pretending to be vampires. They go trolling it’s cute, then girly is bitten in a totally not only fangs way. It’s brutal. So, her blood is also unpure, so she lives. What starts to unravel is a beautiful look at the underground society in a TOTALLY fresh way.

I can admit it… I’ve played Vampire the Masquerade. I’ve read Anne Rice. I liked vampires. I would watch and read most things with vampires (or werewolves), because there was something alluring about them. Then Vampires became sexy. They went from the shadows and feared to totally loosing their bite (har har). This book takes it from today, and how we as a culture feels about vampires and brings it back to a more primal fear of these bloodsuckers. These vampires are the brainless faux-zombies unlike a lot of contemporaries. They are cold and calculating. I love this comic. It’s a fun read every time. If you know someone that loves vampires that are bad ass, have them read this. This isn’t for fans of vampires that want them to be pretty and sexy. It’s far from it. It’s great. If you haven’t tired it, issue 3 is not a good place to start. With hope this will get a trade REAL quick.

Grind House: #6: Bride of Blood


Script: Alex De Campi
Art: Federica Manfredi

Grindhouse has been releasing different stories in a couple issue arcs for a couple months now, and they are usually a greatly entertaining read. This issue, as awesome of as it started did not stick the ending. This Grindhouse, is like a Game of Thrones with Kill Bill. Houses with wedding betrothals turn into a rape-fest and girl comes back for revenge. With such a great start, this really petered out as an ending. For a good revenge story to happen, the retribution has to be slow and methodical… this was rushed and clunky. I hate to poop on it that much, because normally De Campi’s writing is top notch. Oh well… It’s one arc, I’m sure next month’s edition of “Sweet Thangs and Demon Fangs” will bring it around again.

Juice Squeezers


David Lapham

Ugghh, This story holds nothing for me. The dialogue is terrible, the art is ok, the colors are great, but that’s about it and the story is absolute garbage. I know it’s probably written for kids, but I worked with kids… I would never recommend it to any of them. Ok, maybe a 5th grader… but other than that, this comic is crap. Who knows, kids probably will gobble it up and I’ll look like a jerk.

Lobster Johnson #2


Story By Mike Mignola and John Arcudi
Art Tonci Zonjic

This Lobster Johnson series has been building this mystery guy that has been in the Hellboy universe for years… and it’s working. What works is that these issues build a far bigger than just the one guy in a silly mask. It’s building the bad guys, the good guys, the weird guys. It does this with a small amount of nostalgia but a heaping helping of good old Noir style writing. This really seems to work for the title.

I remember wanting to read more Lobster Johnson for years, and this is about the best it’s been written. I know this is going on a lot in comics, but if it’s done right, then I don’t mind reading stories of Spirit style heroes. The art is great! The writing is great! This is a comic for those that marvel at the silver age Batman stories. Don’t start with number 2, you ninny!

Veil #1


Story: Greg Rucka
Art: Toni Fejzula

Huh… That was weird. I don’t know if I’ve ever read a comic like this. The story as a number one, this was a really long burn. It didn’t explain anything and it felt great. The story in a sense is about a girl waking up surrounded by rats in a subway… in the buff. She makes her way through the city and ends up in guys apartment and crap gets real.

This comic book really had a fantastic build. The pacing was amazing, the art was amazing, and I can’t wait to read more. Without giving too much away, fans of Firefly would probably like this. I can find a couple parallels to one of the characters, which is in no way saying anything. I loved this is an issue one, and I would recommend it to non-spandex fans.

The Victories #10


Story and Art: Michael Avon Oeming

The Victories takes on different offbeat heroes and follows them through a giant upheaval. It’s a basic premise, but it works sometimes and sometimes doesn’t. Unfortunately, this arc did not stick the landing. I have enjoyed a lot of the stories when they are focusing on the characters, but this big event thing… just got muddled. The art and the dialogue are still great, but the plot kind of gets lost. I’m hoping that now that this story-line is done, it will start to get into more of the individuals, because I think that’s where Oeming’s writing soars.

I hope this isn’t a glimpse of the new direction of the comic. I really want to like it, but for the last couple issues, it’s gone flat. If you were interested, check out the first issue and some of the others before issue 7. There have been some fantastic build-up going on. I’m still looking forward to next issue, but it’s just not as high on my list anymore.

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Dark Horse comics has always meant cutting edge adult comics to me. From when I was in fifth grade, rifling through the “mature readers” sections of comic stores and finding Geof Darrow and Frank Miller’s “Hard Boiled” comics I realized that this is what comic books could be. Bringing home issues of Grendel and Aliens and jumping right into a story that I may not get, I knew I loved the concepts and to this day, I think Dark Horse is still pushing the boundaries in the comic book field. With one of my favorite contemporary comics like The Goon, Dark Horse still gives me pause in local comic shops and at least take a look at what they’re doing, just like I did many years ago. I am super excited to read and review this publisher’s comics for Robots Pajamas!