Digga D’s Dark Horse Saddle Up – 6/11

Digga D   June 11, 2014   Comments Off on Digga D’s Dark Horse Saddle Up – 6/11


Abe Sapien #13


Story: Mike Mignola and Scott Allie
Art Sabastian Fiumara

Abe Sapien has been the conscience of the Hellboy universe for some time. BPRD gets to be the giant action scene, where Abe is the soul. The whole run has been micro focused and brings emotion to an already unstable world. Here we’ve got Abe and his traveling partner, Grace, with a family of child who is turning into a “FROG”. Not a cute hoppy one, but rather a Frog from the normal series. This story is purposely slow so it allows a bit of weight to fall onto it.    They meet up with a villager that may or may not have been saved by a Jesus statue and the clay surrounding it. Will it save the Kid? Get the issue and find out.

The series is great. There’s nothing that needs changing here. The art is fantastic, the drama feels right. Abe Sapien as a character is engaging and with this issue a bit more foreboding. If you like the Hellboy universe, you really need to get on this book. Abe Sapien may not be your favorite character yet, but reading this series will put him right up there. If you haven’t read the series, this would be a fine issue to start on.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Morella and the Murders in the Rue Morgue


Adapted and Art: Richard Corben.

Richard Corben adapted 2 more of Poe’s books into a comic book format. He took one more readily known prose (Rue Morgue) and one lesser known and formed them into a great little comic. In all issues of Poe’s work,  a small witch can be found through-out. This helps tie a little consistency from issue to issue, but isn’t needed. These are great comics on their own. Sure, some may argue of the bastardization of one of America’s treasured writers, but dregs to them. The ancient Chinese had this philosophy on Art: If a story is worth revisiting, it doesn’t matter how many artists re-do it. A good message is a good message and a good story is a good story, etc. So if you’ve always kind of meant to read Poe but are scared of prose, give these a shot. The art is fantastic and Corben does a great job with the adaptations.

Savage Sword


Various Artists and Writers

For a book entitled Savage Sword, there was barely any sword play. There was a story about Solomon Kane (Conan in a Pilgrim hat),  a bunch of victorian aged pomps discussing stories and one about witchcraft, a story about a blacksmith and a boy, a several others. This wasn’t the worst issue of Savage Sword. For not having that swordplay, it offered something other than 5 lame Conan stories. The Conan story that was featured actually had some emotion in it besides rage.  If you are a fan of fantasy, I’m not sure this is for you. I’m not sure who this is for exactly… It’s multiple stories with the promise of fantasy… and not so much fantasy. This title doesn’t thrill me, but maybe you’d be into it. 80 pages for not a lot of money… I guess that’s a selling point….

X 13 & 14


Story by Duane Swierczynski
Pencils: Robert Atkins

I missed a month previous, so I went back and read both issues. X is normally a gritty comic of a vigilante with a heart of gold. It normally has a bit of good writing going on, but something is starting to spoil around the edges. X is starting to become a standard Image comic from the mid-nineties. It’s trying to use minor gore to shock readers to make it interested. Maybe I’m jaded by years of horror movies and video games and the Marilyn Manson, but missing heads don’t shock me any more. I REALLY liked the direction this was going, but the last couple comics have lost me  a little. Maybe Swierczynksi is going to tie it back in to that comic with heart instead of the comic with exploding heads, but it seems unlikely. He introduces groups that are trying to kill him and then kills them in a couple pages. It’s not fascinating. It’s not moving comics forward. It’s stagnant water. Which, maybe if you’re new to comics, you may find some of the tropes cutting edge, but it didn’t land for this jaded old poop. I wouldn’t start with these last couple issues. Start back in the beginning and pray the Captains of X can steer this ship back from choppy waters.

About Digga D

Dark Horse comics has always meant cutting edge adult comics to me. From when I was in fifth grade, rifling through the “mature readers” sections of comic stores and finding Geof Darrow and Frank Miller’s “Hard Boiled” comics I realized that this is what comic books could be. Bringing home issues of Grendel and Aliens and jumping right into a story that I may not get, I knew I loved the concepts and to this day, I think Dark Horse is still pushing the boundaries in the comic book field. With one of my favorite contemporary comics like The Goon, Dark Horse still gives me pause in local comic shops and at least take a look at what they’re doing, just like I did many years ago. I am super excited to read and review this publisher’s comics for Robots Pajamas!