Denver the Last Dinosaur is My Red Queen

You know what’s weird? Denver the Last Dinosaur’s theme song:

Now, I know that song. My ex-wife Babette knows that song. Neither of us ever remember seeing a single episode of Denver the Last Dinosaur. What’s the deal with that? What’s even more odd is the fact that after I watched the above clip last night I blanked out. I then woke up this morning fully dressed, covered in grass stains, with a sniper rifle in my hands with no memory of the previous night.

I don’t think I’m brainwashed or anything, but seriously, Denver the Last Dinosaur is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful ancient reptile I’ve ever known in my life.

As a side note, since the theme song has been repeating in my head so much that it reminds me of when me and Babette came up with other words. Some of my favorites were:

“Denver the Last Dinosaur, buys his Cheerios at the grocery store.”

“Denver the Last Dinosaur, don’t be afraid he’s a herbivore.”

“Denver the Last Dinosaur, went to Nevada to hire a whore.”

I also wonder what “so much more” means in the song. He’s your friend… and so much more? Anyone else have an idea what possibly could be the “so much more” in the Denver the Last Dinosaur theme song?

  • today, I called a bill collector. found out I owe almost 600 bucks. I would have preferred THAT over seeing this evil sight again. now my retinas are burnt and my ears are bleeding.

  • Ah yes, Denver the Last Dinosaur.

    I remember one episode wherein these two restaurants were located across the street from one another. One was a pizza shack, the other a taco hut. Each had an iconic sigh out front, touting its wares. The proprietors of these two eateries were at odds with one another. They may have been brothers. Or perhaps not.

    Conflict resolution occurred when Denver took it upon himself to bend both signs until they connected or overlapped or some such. At which point the proprietors agreed to be friends and sell taco pizzas.


  • Seeing as how he’s the last dinosaur, I’m sure “so much more” means he needs to look outside his race for true happiness.

  • Wow, I mean wow! That has to be the worst intro to anything ever. This would make a good candidate for a rick roll style meme, if the video started in the middle. This is why I love the robots Pjs you always seem to find the awesome crap in the world. Keep it up.

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  • Lamar the Revenger

    Eyes & ears are STILL BLEEDING.