Defiance Recap: The Bride Wore Black

Hey folks, Vincent here. This post is by a guest contributer Ari Fleeman. Hope you all dig it and I hope Ari will write more!

Defiance TV Series cast

Truth be told, before this week’s episode, I was about to give up on Defiance. Having never even heard of the game or planning on playing it, I was starting to get a little fed up with “trouble hits a small town” act we saw over and over again each week (I mean I know it’s post apocalypse but come on give them a break evil doers).

Instead of expanding the Defiance universe and showing us even a glimpse of the badlands (minus that glimpse we got in the pilot but hey, you’re not supposed to remember that) the writers did the complete opposite and sucked us in even further into the small city with the ever popular “uncovering a dead body episode (and right before a wedding-oh no!). Surprisingly, that actually worked! Instead of getting the stale and rehashing old conflicts we have seen all season (like the always fun who has the bigger junk argument we have seen between Datak and Rafe) we actually got a pretty decent backstory about some of our favorite characters (the super-hot Kenya) and one character that I kept expecting to get blown up each episode strictly as a pacing point (I’m looking at you Tommy). They crammed in four story arcs without seeming too congested into one hour (in real time) and just a little over a day (in Defiance time) ranging from Kenya and her abusive ex-husband (ex and dead), to the first turning point in Datek and Rafe’s relationship

With only two episodes left in the season the show has two options, continue to shrink the already small town and really build up some character development, or blow up the town and start bringing in some new characters or towns (to set up season 2 of course).
Kudos to the writers as well for giving Datek and Rafe more of a back story then “I want your mines” and throwing that Alien Mayor a curve-ball (Ignore that last sentence if you are reading this before you watch the episode). Oh, and can we stop with the Faux Tommy and Irisa relationship? It’s too awkward even for my liking.

  • Chris Piers

    I like the game, but the show hasn’t done much to draw me in. I’m not sure whether it needs better actors, writers or just a bigger budget. I lean towards writing.

  • I’ve never been so divided on a show. It keeps me watching, but it’s a razor thin attraction. I only started watching it because of Tony Curran and how much I loved him as Van Gogh in Doctor Who. I’m surprised I’ve made it this far, but I guess it must be doing something right, albeit barely.

  • Chris Piers

    That’s the same reason I tuned in, FigureFan Zero. But Datak Tar and his Castithans have got to be the laziest alien makeup I’ve ever seen.

  • Aye, white paint and contacts do not an alien make!