Death Star Hallways? Yes, Please!


There’s a nifty Kickstarter-esque display for action figures that caught my eye. These dudes want to make hallway backgrounds for the Death Star and the Tantive IV.

I have a couple of reservations about this project though. The first is they plan on using a 3D printer and while I have seen awesome things come from 3D printers, a lot of times they have a certain 3D printer look to them. Like they need sanding or something. They do say that they’ll paint and do finishing treatments on them, so hopefully they live up to expectation.

The second reservation is that while it’s cool that they’re making these little hallway pieces, it’s certainly odd that they’re actually using terms like “Death Star.” That’s asking for trouble, especially with Disney behind the copyright helm now. I’m afraid they’ll be shut down before these things are released.

I hope they are able to go through with this thing though as they say in the future they may make doorways and expanded floor sections. You could pull off a sweet diorama easily if they ever get to that stage.

Edit: I just realized that while Star Wars is cool for this sort of thing, the ultimate in hallways would be doing them for Star Trek. The shows had modular hallways for their sets even. Damn it, why am I the only one to think of these things?

  • Neat idea, but I agree on the legal issue. That said, if these were in 6″ SWB scale instead of 3.75″, I’d be all over ’em.

  • RobotsPJs

    If they don’t get shut down, I can see them doing that in the future. Well, after Hasbro has a regular storm trooper available, at least.

  • HowardTheDeck

    Yes! How have these never been mass produced before? Great find.

  • RobotsPJs

    Yeah. You know at one point Sideshow talked about doing dio pieces for the small figures with Hasbro, but then it was never brought up again.

  • Big Jim

    I thought it would be something for your house, kind of like the old wood-panelling wall coverings that was big in the ’70s, but with a STAR WARS look.