D&D’s Warduke

Vincent   June 21, 2011   1 Comment on D&D’s Warduke


I have almost no memories of the D&D action figures from the 1980s, except for the fact I always thought it was bizarre that they made a series of action figures that were no way related to the cartoon. Regardless, Warduke is one sweet looking character, due to his powerful helmet.

This version was drawn by a fellow named Sean Hartter and it is boss.

Thanks to: The Retroist

  • I’m just a few years too young to know about this line. Although I’m sure I’ve seen the figures before. As it happened I did come to own a PVC Shambling Mound from one of the other D&D lines. I think the only reason I know about Warduke is because of the image that used to be on Poe’s site.