Dark Horse Comics Round Up: 8/7/13

It’s the feature where I read all of this week’s comic book releases from Dark Horse Comics! This week we only have three comics from the shadowed equine. This week they’re all new titles for me too. Also please note, if you see something that I don’t know, don’t tell me. That’s part of the fun, not knowing what’s going on and trying to catch up.

Abe Sapian – #5


If you’ve been following this series of posts, you’ll know that I only know Hellboy from the movies. So while I’m familiar with Abe Sapian, I have no idea what’s currently happening to him. This issue starts out in a cool way with some seagulls feasting on a dead guy on the beach. Apparently Abe is a beach bum now. Didn’t see that one coming! So Abe is embroiled in a mystery and I didn’t feel super lost until the end, because I don’t know what’s exactly happening in the world of Hellboy. Seems like the Earth is pretty screwed. Still, I liked it.

At the end it said, “To Be Continued in October.” What the hell? That’s a long ass time!

Catalyst Comix #2


Just glancing on the names on the cover, I realize that I’m facebook pals with Paul Maybury, actually I played Xbox Live with him a long ass time ago. Well that’s a nice surprise!

Anyway, hope you like reading speech bubbles, because there’s a few panels that are kind of jam packed. I really wish I’d caught the first issue, but from what I get is that it’s a unique take on the superhero genre that is broke up into a few stories, each featuring a different character. The first story was the one I liked the most. Apparently there was a world ending event that was averted with the help of a superhero and another superhero, Frank Wells, appeared to be the one to actually stop it. Regardless, Frank Wells perceived act has gone largely unrecognized. That’s all I’ll say about this issue. I really liked it. Check it out!

Victories – #4 of 5


Wow, another great title. While I was fairly lost, I could tell enough of what was going on to know that I liked it. There’s a lot of mysticism, and superheroes battling in the Denver airport. SPOILER: This triggers some sort of virus that starts killing tons of people and the superheros are the ones that are blamed for it. I really need to read the first 3 issues!

I also enjoyed the art a lot. And there’s titties. I’m not big into illustrated titties like I am of pictures of real titties, but I’m not going to complain.

  • Chris Piers

    Man, I gotta figure out where I left off with Hellboy and BPRD. Always loved those books.