Dark Horse Comics Round Up: 8/21/13

It’s another round up of the comics that Dark Horse Comics is putting out for the week of 8/21/13. Just a word of warning: This might be the last one for awhile unless there’s an overwhelming demand for more. My spare time is getting crunched. Don’t know if I can keep reviewing all the comics every week…

Oh and I think I missed a Star Wars title. Damn it.

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #5


I really didn’t care for the last issue (the only one I’ve read of this series), so let’s hope things pick up. It starts off with Vader being a bad ass and this Assassin dude following him around. I want an action figure of this guy, he looks cool. Some of Darth Vader’s dialog feels a little too snappy for him, but overall this issue packs in plenty of action. SPOILER: Man… the Assassin wasn’t that big of a deal. I didn’t expect that all. And the wrap up ending… didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I guess I didn’t read the first few issues. Oh well.

Blood Brothers #2


Like the dialog and the humor of these two vampire dudes. There’s a vampire AA meeting, funny. Art is pretty solid. I’m really liking this series. Check it out!

B.P.R.D. #110: Hell on Earth – Lake of Fire #1 of 5


Yeah that’s a complicated title. It’s the 110th issue of B.P.R.D., but part 1 of a 5 story arc. Well, hopefully this gives me a little grounding starting with a first issue. Oh there’s some really good catch up text here. I feel like I’m sort of getting a grasp at the situation. Basically, it’s bad news for humanity. Liz (the goth chick with the fire powers from the movie) used a super power to kill a bad ass, but it nearly cracked the Earth in half. Now we’re dealing with all the bullshit. Plus it looks like that bad guy she killed is reborn. Ruh-row!

Story was good. Nice set ups here. I didn’t know who some of the people were, not sure if I was supposed to. Recommend!

Conan: The Barbarian #19 – Black Stones Part One


After the last lackluster issue of the regular Conan title, I’m onto the next story arc! Now Conan and his pirate lady are in the jungle. Good, I’ve never really liked pirate stuff and Conan is best on dry land. Oh, spoke too soon. We get to the background before they ended up in the jungle. Pirate stuff. Bleh. Well, once they get to the cursed village things start rocking. Regular Conan stuff, but I like regular Conan stuff. I want to find out what happens next. Recommend!

Creepy #13


Oh! Illustrated horror anthology. Sign me up!

Hmmm I wonder is this actually 13 or do they number all their issues 13? Because that would be hilarious.

The stories are of varying quality. I feel like I must recommend it to help support more horror anthologies, but I didn’t see anything that really blew me away either.

Dream Thief #4 of 5


I read issue 3 of this without reading the first two and I was pretty lost, but here we are on issue 4! Not sure if I dig the mask. Guy looks like a gay wrestler. Anyway, while I’m still pretty lost I found this issue to be more compelling. Still, there’s a lot of reading. I know that sounds bad, but if you’re not in the mood for speech bubbles, you might want to pass this one up.

Lobster Johnson: Scent of a Lotus #2 of 2


Wow, done with this one already! Last issue didn’t have a whole lot of Lobster Johnson. Hoping this one corrects that…

And it starts out with him and the cliff hanger from last issue. Yay! And holy crap, there’s some seriously freaky monkeys in this one. Really digging the art, great job artist person!

The ending was… well I expected more. Oh well. Still worth a read.

The Strain: The Fall #2


I caught the first issue of this and I thought it was pretty dang good. And this issue is just as good. Love the vampire stuff. Feel like I’m still missing chunks of the story, like I started on a later issue that #2, but who knows with comics these days. I probably did. Still, I’m really digging this series. Can’t wait to see more!

Dark Horse Presents #27


I only got through three of the stories by “press time”. There was a group of kids vs. really big bugs which seems like an homage to Goonies or Monster Squad. It was pretty good. There was a vampire story that was interesting, but took itself way too seriously. Finally, there was an Alexander Hamilton story based on the real historical dude that was really good.

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    Maybe just write about the best comic each week? Like, give each issue 1-3 pages to grab you, and only write about the one that compels you to keep reading?