Dark Horse Comics Round Up: 7/31/13

It’s another week of Dark Horse Comics releases! This week was the most challenging one yet!

Akaneiro – #3 of 3


Oh this is fun. This comic is written by ex ToyFare editor Justin Aclin. I don’t think I can call him a friend, but online chum might not be too over reaching. That being said, the text above the title says, “From American McGee…” well why isn’t he credited as the writer? Confusing. So let’s see, we have monsters fighting this hot lady in armor whom I will assume is Akaneiro. There’s some hub bub about demons and magic. It’s kind of like anime. I have no idea what’s going on, but that’s expected when you jump in the last issue of a story arc, especially in a story that seems really grounded in mystical stuff.

Angel and Faith – #24


I’ve watched all the episodes of Buffy and I ended up liking it. Not enough to watch Angel or read any of the comics. Okay, I did give the Buffy comics a try when they first came out as being a continuation of the TV series. I did not think they were as good as the TV series. Well, here we have what is supposed to be Season 9 of Angel I take it and issue 24, no less. There’s a little bit of catch up text, which is always appreciated.

So there’s Faith and Angel and they’re fighting some dudes over a glowy ball of mystical energy. There’s action and the dialogue apes the style of the show enough to be passable. If you like the Buffyverse this was entertaining enough. I don’t think this one issue made me a fan, but it was entertaining.

Amala’s Blade – #4 of 4


I like the cover. Warrior woman in charge of a tank army and there’s a bunch of ghosts. The catch you up to speed text is sure action packed and judging by it, I’m kind of sad I didn’t read the rest of the books. Seems cool. In the issue itself there’s some talking and some fighting. Good stuff, fairly easy to follow along despite it being a 4 of 4.

B.P.R.D.: Vampire – #5 of 5


This is the second week in a row that I get to review a B.P.R.D. comic! This one doesn’t take place at the same time as the last one. Hellboy is really young, so I’ll guess it was some time in the past. Well, since this is the final part I’m not sure if the conclusion was satisfying for those reading all five issues. For me it really meant nothing.

Captain Midnight – #1


Weee finally, a #1 issue! I won’t be completely lost! Okay so Darkhorse seems to want to get more superhero books going. Come to think of it, unless you count Hellboy, I really can’t think of any Dark Horse superheros. Well, anyway, Captain Midnight has an interesting background. He was a hero during WWII, but he disappeared and reappeared in our time in the Bermuda triangle. Yeah, there are some definite shades of Captain America in there, but Captain Midnight is his own guy.

I won’t go into detail if you want to read it, but I didn’t find anything super compelling about Captain Midnight in the first issue. There wasn’t much that got me really excited. I liked the World War II stuff, but then it switched over to the present day stuff almost right away. I think this one needs a few issues to see where it’s going.

King Conan: Hour of the Dragon – #3


First off, wicked art bro. The issue starts off with a bang, with Conan fighting an evil gray ape! The worst kind! Conan’s almost naked and so is the chick he’s with. Already, this is great. I guess Conan is a King as the title would suggest, however he looks and acts just like he was a regular barbarian. Oh, I guess he was with an army that got defeated. See, this is how you write a comic to catch people up to speed. Overall great issue. Almost non-stop action.

Last of Us: American Dreams – #4 of 4


Another last of a series. I feel like I’m being punished here. This one I am guessing is based on the video game which I have yet to play, but want to. Hope there’s no game spoilers!

And…. no idea the significance of what happens.

House of Gold and Bones – #4 out of 4


Man alive! What’s with all the series enders this week? Out of the three times I’ve done this, this is the most frustrating week as far as not knowing what the hell is going on.

Apparently this guy has a world that is built up around the choices he’s made? There’s a lot of talking and some fighting. I dunno, I really needed to read the rest of this series to judge it.

Tarzan: The Sunday Comics – Vol. 1


This isn’t a comic, it’s a 100 page book that contains a ton of Tarzan comics from the Sunday papers from 1931-1933. This is only volume one, so there are a lot more that need to come out.

The book opens up with a history of the comic strip by none other than Mark Evanier. That was great. I didn’t have time to read many of the comics, though I do dig some Tarzan. The art is really great in that old timey style. The stories kind of work like Prince Valiant where there’s pictures and captions that tell the story, rather than the story being told mostly through the pictures and dialogue. But the comics are 1931, so they hadn’t gotten the formula for the art form down just yet and story telling is limited when you’re only doing one page at a time. If you dig comics history, this book is certainly worth a look.

  • Chris Piers

    I really like the Angel & Faith comic. Last “season” of Buffy, Angel was possessed by an entity called Twilight and two things went down: Twilight killed Giles and he ended all new magic in the world. So now he’s trying to redeem himself by reviving Giles in a world with very little magic. It’s pretty cool.

  • RobotsPJs

    How many times does Angel turn evil?

  • Chris Piers

    Well, originally he was evil of course, until he got his soul. He turned into Angelus once on Buffy and then for a brief handful of episodes on Angel. Twilight wasn’t evil, per se, just another entity with its own goals.