Dark Horse Comics 7/24/13 Round Up!

Vincent   July 22, 2013   Comments Off on Dark Horse Comics 7/24/13 Round Up!

It’s another round of Dark Horse Comics as reviewed by me, a guy that doesn’t read a lot of new comics! It’s fun checking out all this stuff that is new to me. We don’t have any continuations of titles from last time, all new titles! I jump in with both feet and guns a blazing.

Please Note: I’m sure I could get answers for a lot of questions I have through Google or you telling me, but I’m not interested. I’d rather go in blind and try to figure it out through the text itself.

Star Wars Legacy #5


Man, Dark Horse puts out a lot of Star Wars comics! But that’s cool, I like Star Wars. First up, I love the cover. That’s a cool starfighter! The part in the beginning that lets you know whats happened until now makes zero sense.

Here’s what I got: The comic takes place 138 years after the end of Return of the Jedi. While I’ve read some of the Star Wars: Legacy comics featuring one of Luke’s descendants, and that was confusing because the entire status quo had changed. This is similar and I’m starting with issue 5. I have no idea what’s happening. I have no idea how it’s connected to the other Star Wars: Legacy comics that I have read. However, it seems like it is good. And I like the art. Hopefully I can catch up soon.

Mass Effect: Foundation #1


Full Disclosure: While I played a lot of the first Mass Effect, I never finished it. I just lost interest trying to complete all the side quests. I keep going back to finish it, but I haven’t yet. So I’m familiar with the Mass Effect universe a little bit, I just don’t know the main story.

With Mass Effect: Foundation #1 I felt kind of “meh” on until a big shocking twist. It was good stuff. I look forward to seeing where this one is going.

The Massive #14


I have no idea what The Massive is and I’m starting on issue #14. Oh boy!

It starts out with some guys in a boat. Kind of seems post apocalyptic… There’s a guy in a stolen nuclear sub that’s headed towards New York, so shades of Hunt for Red October, in the post apocalypse. New York is pretty fucked up. The characters are fairly interesting. I’ll give this one a chance, hopefully I can figure out what’s going on soon.

Mind MGMT #13


Another comic I’ve never heard of before. And on issue 13!

I really love the cover on this issue of Mind MGMT, unfortunately the interior art isn’t as good. I’m not sure yet if the writer is really clever or is just trying to be clever. There’s a weird comic that makes no sense at the start, then the main comic, and then at the bottom of the pages is another comic that again makes no sense. It’s pretty trippy. The cover promised me a little bit more top notch stylistic art that it really isn’t delivering.

I’m not even sure what I just read. It was like listening to a Coheed and Cambria album. You feel like there’s a story that’s really cool inside, but it’s just out of reach. Weirdness.

Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1 of 2


I know who this guy is! Sorta! I used to play Heroclix a lot and I had a Lobster Johnson figure. He was pretty cool in the game. And that’s all I know about him, aside that he’s from Hellboy. This comic is one of a two-parter, so I was excited I might actually know what’s going on.

One weird note about the art is that in several panels characters don’t have faces. And they’re not that far away. It’s like the artist forgot to draw them. Otherwise the art is fantastic.

We’re presented with a murder mystery, a little in the style of a hard boiled detective mystery. Lobster doesn’t show up until near the end. And then the book ends with some seriously weird crap. Good stuff!

Gamma (one shot)


For the uninitiated a one shot is a one and done comic. Every reader is a newb on this one. Gamma starts out on a good foot, with a bar offering the ability for patrons to punch a coward for 50 bucks a pop. It eventually turns into a thinly veiled Pokemon parody. Pokemon for adults. It’s pretty decent, however I feel like the parody part of it is a little too on the nose. Still, it was good stuff. I would like to see more. Buy it so we get more Gamma!

Dark Horse Presents #26


I’m smart enough to know that Dark Horse Presents is a collection of short comics from Dark Horse. I wasn’t able to finish it by the time of posting, but I liked what I saw. I find it bizarre that the one hero is Trekker. That’s like naming a hero/comic “KISS ARMY” or “Brown Coats” and having nothing to do with the thing those words are usually associated with.

I think short comics collections are similar to short story collections, you’re either going to want it to see something new or your not. I like these sorts of collections. I still buy those sci-fi/fantasy short story magazines when I see them in bookstores.