Dark Horse Comics 7/17/13 Round Up!

Vincent   July 14, 2013   Comments Off on Dark Horse Comics 7/17/13 Round Up!

Just trying something out here… I have access to some Dark Horse comic books before they come out. I figured I’d preview a few of them and let you know what I think SPOILER FREE! Even better is that I’m an average person and not a super comic nerd, so you get to see what an average geek thinks about titles he’s never seen.


Star Wars: Dark Times #1

I really liked the book Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, which took place immediately after Revenge of the Sith. Sure, you knew the Jedi protagonists were doomed to die, but it was an interesting ride. This is pretty much the same thing. Despite being a #1, the story clearly starts in the middle of stuff. At least there’s a bit to get you caught up to speed in the beginning. Art was good, story was interesting (yet I have that familiar sense of doom), I say check it out The only thing that bothered me was a character named Ratty that looked way too much like an anthropomorphic rat.


Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #4

In this one Darth Vader is on a planet of mutant weirdos. There’s lots of hub bub about a prophecy. I’m not really into the mystic prophecy type story, so this one was a miss for me.


Blood Brothers #1

This is the story of two vampires hunting other vampires. There’s a lot of exposition thrown at you in the first few pages. I like the art. Kind of simple but tasteful. There’s a funny bit about the vampire protagonists being poor because of terrible decisions over the years that I found really funny. Overall it was cleaver enough that I’d like to see where it goes.


To Hell You Ride #5 of 5

Usually its not wise to pick up a series at the very last issue. But the story is partially credited to famous character actor (famous with us geeks) Lance Henriksen. I had no idea what was going on.


The Strain: The Fall #1

The Strain is written in part by Guirrilmo Tel Toro, so that’s cool. The art is also pretty nifty. The story is about a city under siege from a outbreak of vampires. Our heroes are looking for some old book. A lot of it seems cribbed from other horror stories, but it is compelling enough to draw me in. I want to read more.


B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #109

Full disclosure: I’ve never read a Hellboy comic. So jumping into one that takes place in that world at issue 109 might be another unwise exercise in futility. This story is part 3 in a 3 part arch. They give you some background in the beginning to catch you up to speed. The events in the comic are self contained enough to be enjoyable. In fact, I really dig it. Definite recommendation.


Dream Thief #3 of 5

Okay so this time I’m dropping into the middle of a series. The setup is interesting. A guy wakes up and he’s standing in front of a guy that’s been lynched. He beats up some KKK dudes and then has some relationship problems. Okay, there’s a lot more to it than that. The comic gives me a noir mystery type feeling where the hero wakes up in screwed up situations. I’m not exactly feeling this one. Most likely due to me jumping in halfway through…


Conan the Barbarian #18

Again, I’m jumping in midstream. The problem with Conan is that he’s been told and retold so many times, he could be anywhere in his adventuring career. I guess at this point he’s hanging out with the pirate queen. The whole story is essentially a dream sequence. That’s not a spoiler, they basically tell you that up front. It was okay, but as my first issue jumping in it wasn’t too exciting. Hopefully next issue is more “Conan like” with lots more bloodshed and all that other crazy crap that makes Conan awesome. Also, I don’t really like the cover because Conan appears to be wearing contemporary pants. That’s odd.