Daredevil Trailer Breakdown: Netflix Releases Second Trailer

Daredevil 01 Kingpin at art studio

Netflix released a second trailer for Daredevil which debuts April 10th. We have some key shots they show off and what it might mean. We skipped any shots that are repeated from the first trailer so here’s a link to that breakdown if you want to learn more about Daredevil. No real spoilers here, just showing some of the trailer and how it may compare to the original comics. The main thing we get to see in this trailer? Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, Daredevil’s nemesis. Here’s a shot of him staring at some art. In the comics, he falls in love with Vanessa, an art dealer. It’s a safe bet we follow some of his rise to power in this show and that he meets his wife.

Daredevil 02 Kingpin on Urichs board

We see this playing card. It represents Kingpin. Get it? King, pinned? We later see it’s part of reporter Ben Urich’s cork board, where he’s trying to figure out which criminals work for which bosses and everything feeds up to a mystery man.

Daredevil 03 Kingpin cleans up blood

Then we see Kingpin/Wilson Fisk headbutt someone. Over all of this is a voiceover by him, where we learn he actually has similar intentions to Daredevil:

When I was a kid, I used to dream what it would be like to live somewhere far away from Hell’s Kitchen. But I realized, this city was a part of me. It was in my blood, and I would do anything to make it a better place.

Daredevil 04 Matt Murdock in court

Then we cut to Matt Murdock (Daredevil) in court. Over this is laid some text between shots: Justice is blind. Honestly, it’s a pretty awesome metaphor that creators Stan Lee and Bill Everett came up with.Daredevil 05 Ben Urich

We also see Curtis Vondie Hall as reporter Ben Urich. In the comics, he works for the Daily Bugle (alongside Peter Parker!) and comes to believe in what Daredevil’s doing to protect New York. He also has a lot of contacts on the street so he becomes a key source of information for Daredevil. While we see these shots, we hear a voiceover from Matt Murdock:

Good and evil. Sometimes the difference between the two is a sharp line. Sometimes it’s a blur. Sometimes we have to do some things outside of the law.

Daredevil 06 Nelson and Murdock Law Office

Now we see some of the beginnings of Matt Murdock’s law practice. Obviously quite humble beginnings with a cardboard, hand-lettered sign!

Daredevil 07 Foggy Nelson

Over this section, we hear a voiceover by Foggy Nelson (seen above), Matt’s law partner and best friend from college:

We’re gonna make a difference. I know it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. But we are.

Daredevil 08 Night Nurse

We then get a kind of corny line by Rosario Dawson’s character, Night Nurse. In the comics, Night Nurse dedicates her medical skills to patching up superheroes so that they don’t have to give up their secret identities at the hospital. I’m sure this will be a looser interpretation. She says:

You’re blind. But you SEE so much.

Daredevil 09 Young Matt Murdock

We then transition to young Matt Murdock, talking with his mentor, Stick:

‘I hear things.’

‘You know what they call stuff like that? Gifts. I’m gonna train you. Use it.’

Daredevil 10 Scott Glenn as Stick

Here’s Scott Glenn as Stick. He is also blind and teaches Matt Murdock how to use his other senses to become basically a ninja.

Daredevil 11 Matt trains with Stick

Matt flips and spins some eskrima sticks. He began training to fight and listen to his environment at a very young age.

Daredevil 12 Daredevil ducks a knife

We then catch a glimpse of what he can do as an adult. A Japanese guy with a knife swings at Matt in his black Daredevil suit, but Matt easily ducks it and we hear another of Matt’s lines:

There are other ways to see.

Daredevil 13 Karen Page in dark alley

Now we see Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page. In the comics, she is the secretary at Nelson & Murdock. It seems like she could be either a victim that Daredevil saves or maybe the first client for Murdock & Nelson, or maybe all of the above.

Daredevil 14 thugs arm up

We hear her voiceover with all these shots, including some gang members arming themselves with some seriously heavy artillery. Karen says:

I don’t see the city anymore. There’s only dark corners.

Daredevil 15 tattooed man dragged

We also see some guys dragging this man. He seems to have a big tattoo on his back. It could be that New York is having a gang war and this guy is Triad. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show follows Kingpin consolidating Russian, Japanese and Italian criminals under his control. Matt and Karen talk in voiceover:

‘I’ll keep you safe Karen. I have to be the man this city needs.’

‘What are you gonna do?’

‘Whatever it takes.’

Daredevil 16 Daredevil in apartment hall

We see a bunch of action shots, similar to the first trailer. Over this we hear Daredevil and Kingpin talking to each other over walkie talkies:

‘You and I have a lot in common.’

‘We’re nothing alike.’

‘I respect your conviction. The lone man thinks he can make a difference.’

Daredevil 18 Daredevil uses walkie talkie

What’s kind of cool about this is they do have a lot in common. They’re both trying to control the crime in the area of the city they grew up in. Kingpin just doesn’t seem to have the moral center that Matt does. Maybe that’s because Matt’s father instilled strong values in him and Kingpin is a bit of a sociopath. But their goals and even some of their methods are similar. It’s not just talk.

Daredevil 17 Daredevil vs ninja

This shot in particular is pretty cool (and looks better in action since it’s very dark as a screencap). Daredevil is fighting a ninja. A ninja in red. This strongly implies one criminal organization that will be on the show is The Hand. That’s the order Stick came from. In the comics they are a very powerful organization.

Daredevil 19 Kingpin flips a table

The rest of the shots in the trailer go by pretty fast. We see Kingpin losing his temper and flipping a massive steel table. Kingpin is a threat for Daredevil because he’s a business and tactical genius but he’s also very, very powerful. He appears to be a fat guy, but he’s really strong and surprisingly fast.

Daredevil 23 Battlin Jack Murdock

Here’s a quick glimpse of Matt’s father, a boxer named Battlin’ Jack Murdock. In the Affleck movie they called him Jack “The Devil” Murdock as though we needed a real explicit reason for Daredevil to find his superhero name. But this is a more believable boxer’s name. In the comics he raises Matt as a single father, and has trouble making ends meet as a boxer. He takes on some enforcer work for local crime bosses and eventually gets himself killed for it. He pushes Matt to study hard and use his education to find a different path than he had. Here’s one interesting crossover with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a sign for one of Jack’s fights:

Creel vs Murdock fight poster

Carl Crusher Creel has actually appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as the Absorbing Man. Is this the same Creel? Seems like he would’ve been older on S.H.I.E.L.D. but maybe his powers that Hydra gave him kept him young.



Daredevil 22 Matt accident

Here’s a shot of the accident that both blinds Matt Murdock as a child and also enhances his other senses. In the early comics it’s radioactive waste that falls on him when he pushes a man out of the way. But later comics said that it may be something Stick just taught him. Either way, it blinds him and is important to showing how selfless Matt was from a young age.

Daredevil 21 Matt injured

We also see Matt Murdock in pretty bad shape. Looks like he’s already been stitched up before but Daredevil takes a beating on this show!

Daredevil 20 crowd panics


We also see a big crowd of people fleeing in terror on the city streets. Something big must happen at some point. Super assassins? Ninjas? Heavily armed organized crime? All of the above? We do know that an actor has been cast as Melvin Potter. In the comics, Potter builds a powerful suit of armor and becomes the criminal henchman Gladiator. But he actually has a long redemptive arc, with the help of Daredevil. It would be interesting if the show attempted to tackle something like that.

Daredevil 24 Wesley talks to goons

Finally, we end with a bit of a humorous tag. Toby Moore plays Wesley, who is Kingpin’s number 2. He speaks to a gang of beaten up thugs, telling them:

Maybe if he had an iron suit, or a magic hammer, that would explain why you keep getting your asses handed to you.

Are you excited for Daredevil next month?