Danger 5: Pretty Much Everything I Love in One Show

Vincent   April 15, 2014   Comments Off on Danger 5: Pretty Much Everything I Love in One Show


A few years back I wrote about this web series called Danger 5 that looked ball explodingly awesome and… I never watched it. I’m the worst. Well I finally rectified that and checked it out and if ever you needed a command from me to do anything it’s: Watch Danger 5 right now! Here’s the trailer to get you started!

Danger 5 is a (currently) 6 episode web series from Australia that’s set in World War II (which looks more like it’s during the 1960s than the 1940s). It features a special ops group of five agents with the task of stopping Nazi plans and killing Hitler. The only thing in their way is sadistic Nazis, talking dogs, dinosaurs, giant robots, and copious amounts of drinking.


The show feels like a hybrid of Gerry Anderson type shows (think Thunderbirds, UFO) mixed in equal parts with Men’s adventure magazines, grindhouse/exploitation movies, 60s spy shows, and with just a dash of Airplane/Naked Gun type humor.

While the production values are deliciously low, they’re also surprisingly very good for the budget. If Danger 5 wasn’t a comedy, it wouldn’t work at all, because the shoddy dinosaur costumes and visible wires on models aren’t going to fool anyone. However, as a comedy it perfectly fits the tone of the series. One of the recycled bits of footage is actually a reoccurring gag at the end of every episode.


The cast is well suited for the job of fighting Nazi scum and in the case of Hitler, being Nazi scum. I must confess that I think I’ve fallen in love with Ilsa, played by Natasa Ristic. She’s a super hot lady that can beat the crap out of almost any dude and appreciates a good drink. Seriously. In. Love.

The music is great too. Lots of hip 60s era type tracks to accentuate the scenes. I’d like to have a Danger 5 sound track. It would make great driving music.


One thing that I must note about the series is that you’re going to have to do some reading, unless your fluent in German, Japanese, and Russian. That’s because characters speak in their native languages and you have to read subtitles for them, even one of the Danger 5 (Ilsa)! It’s an odd goofy bit of reality in such an unreal world.

I’d keep trying to sell Danger 5 to you, but if you aren’t sold by the trailer, then you’re probably an inhuman monster with no sense of humor.

But wait! There’s more! In addition to the six Danger 5 episodes there’s also a prequel series called Danger 5: The Diamond Girls. It’s five episodes and they only run about 5 minutes as opposed to the regular ones that run 30. You can see the first episode right here:

Diamond Girls is worth watching, because it’s also hilarious and it’s basically another episode of the regular series.


It looks like they’ll be releasing a second season this year, so do yourself a favor and get caught up now!

Danger 5 is on Hulu in its six episode glory. Unfortunately, it’s not on DVD or Blu Ray for those of us in North America. Grrrr