Custom X-Wing Miniatures Mission: Capture The Survivors


A transport makes its escape with rescued survivors.

I love X-Wing Miniatures and my favorite style of play is missions. I went ahead and created a mission and I decided to share it, because I’ve played it a couple of times and it’s pretty fun and I like you and I want you to have fun too. If you just want to play it, skip down to the bottom of this post otherwise I’ll explain it a bit.

Basically, the mission is a sort of a capture the flag type for X-Wing Miniatures. The premise is that a CR90 has suffered some critical systems failure and there are six survivors who are high level Rebel operatives. Both the Rebels and Empire have heard their distress calls (or even the upcoming Scum faction…)


Both sides docked and attempting to rescue/capture.

In the center of the table you have a disabled CR90 and the main goal of the mission is to have a ship that’s capable of carrying passengers, like the Millennium Falcon, dock with the CR90. Each round a docked ship can gain a survivor. The tricky part is that when docked the shuttle is vulnerable with an agility of 0, meaning it’s in the best interests of both teams to rush to the C90 as fast as possible, dock, and then to heavily defend their shuttle, go out on an offensive on the enemy shuttle, or do a combination of attack and defense.


A TIE squad rushes to attack the enemy freighter.

The types of ships that are used in this mission as shuttles are the mostly larger ships that can carry passengers according to the movies and EU. Out of the ships that I own the YT-1300, Firespray, HWK, and Lambda Shuttle fit the bill.

One thing to keep in mind when setting this game up is the speed of the available “shuttles”. The first game I play tested had the YT-1300 on the Rebel side and the Lambda for the Empire. The Lambda is damn slow though, so it gave the Rebels a big advantage when it came to gaining passengers sooner.


The freighter attempts to go the long way to avoid the TIEs.

Play testing of this mission it got pretty intense. How long do you stay docked with 0 agility with a squadron of TIEs about to bear down on you? My friend Shawn of Digital Monkey Box did the unthinkable (to me) as he undocked and started flying away with only one passenger. He started heading toward his home edge to gain his points for that survivor and all my TIEs were in fast pursuit. This left my ship defenseless as I stayed to gain a second survivor. He then double backed and started heading back towards the CR90, which did lose the TIEs chasing him temporarily. I found the unpredictability and suspense of what I should do versus what my opponent was attempting to do added a fun layer of complexity to the mission.


In this session the Rebels took off with only one survivor.

Gaining passengers isn’t the only way to gain points in this mission and I think that’s what helps add to the tactical side of it. You can get a bunch of points if you destroy an enemy shuttle before it starts carrying passengers (which is why you want to try to get at least one on board or else your ship is an even bigger target). You can also attempt to gain points by completely disabling a ship (bringing it down to 1 body/zero shields), but if you’re not careful and you go under 1 body you lose points for every passenger on the destroyed shuttle. Basically, when hunting a shuttle with passengers you’re probably going to want to use an ion cannon, which is more predictable in the damage department.

Possible Variations:

Making it Difficult: Originally, I thought it would be fun to represent a battle taking aboard the CR90, so I had dice rolls to gain passengers. One attack die vs. One defense die. If you wanted to try to gain a passenger, you had to roll. This resulted in some very bad luck for one player who got no passengers after 3 rounds. With one roll per round, it was pretty frustrating. If I tried that again, I’d stack the favor of gaining a survivor a bit more.

Floating Out of Control: One variation that I’d like to try, though I’m a bit reluctant to, is to represent the CR90 drifting out of control by having it do a 1 right every turn. This variation has the potential of flipping the sides that each ship is docked. I could see this being fun or supremely frustrating.


An A-Wing about to bust through some TIEs on it’s way to attack.

The Mission File:

I joined the Beta of the official Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Mission creator and uploaded this mission to it. If you have or become a part of the Beta test, why not give the mission a Like?

I’ve also uploaded the PDF here, so you can download it at your convenience.

If you play the mission, let me know what you think and if you have any questions or suggestions.


B-Wing on defense.

  • Tobias Williams

    Going to try this tonight with three factions

  • Cool, let me know if this went okay. I only got to play it a few times.

    One variation that I wanted to try to was make the CR90 drift. Give it one turn a round so it went in a 360 degree circle.